[7 Shades] What Color Hijab To Wear With White Dress

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Are you wondering what color hijab to wear with white dress for a stylish look? Then read on because we’ve got you covered in this article.

Wearing a white outfit is effortlessly stylish, brightens your mood, and looks great on any piece of clothing, whether it’s a co-ord, a dress, a skirt, a shirt, or a coat. It offers you a fresh, crisp, and put-together look.

White is perhaps the only shade that doesn’t require a season, event, or cause to find a place in your closet. A white dress is always a safe bet. 

With white outfits, you can experiment wearing several colors of hijabs and still look great; with all-black outfits, you can’t do that.

[7 Shades] What Color Hijab To Wear With White Dress

White dresses are easier to match with the rest of your outfits if you know how to style them. Many people still don’t know what color hijab to wear with white dress and end up looking drab.

To avoid any confusion in styling, we have brought you this article that will make your task simpler.

Here are some suggestions for matching your hijab with white dress.

1. Subtle Neutral Shades

Neutral colors are quite popular in the fashion world. With its not-so-colorful appeal, this unique color palette has taken over every product in the fashion sector and brought an entirely new tangent to fashion.

nude hijab
Img Src: Jasmin Fares

From shoes and purses to abayas and skirts, this color is often used to create a simple yet sophisticated style. This subtle shade has now made its way into the world of hijabs.

neutral color to wear with dress
Img Src: Saima Khan

It is indeed a wonderful tone to wear with any white dress outfit and always looks elegant.

White outfit
Img Src: Hajra

The neutral tone hijabs combine with an endless number of outfit choices in your closet; whether your outfit is monochrome, includes stripes, or is all about color blocking, these hijab colors can never go wrong!

white formal outfit
Img Src: Emaan Taha

The neutral color palette includes shades such as Beige, Ivory, Nude, Cream, Taupe, Grey, Mocha, etc. You can even organize your hijabs by the color scheme to make them easier to find for everyday use.

2. Pastel Color Trend

The Pastel color palette is perfect for expanding your hijab collection and rocking any white outfit.

These tones give off a new mood, keeping you cool both physically and metaphorically, and you can pull off your white dress with ease and elegance.

Pastel Hijab with white outfit
Img Src: Jasmin Fares

To balance out the ethereal tone, wear your white top with a similar pastel pink skirt and a trendy mauve pastel color hijab with oversized glares to provide a little edge to your look.

Hijab Outfit
Img Src: Hajra

And, because women can’t live only on pink, we’ve seen the growth of other soft colors, such as baby blue, lilac, sky blue, and mint.

During the spring or when the bright days begin, a white dress with pastel hijabs might feel refreshing.

what hijab to wear with white dress
Img Src: CULTURE Hijab Co

You can don them in any hijab style, and from what we’ve seen, you’ll make a notable impression.

3. Trendy Printed Hijabs

If you can’t decide what color hijab to wear with white dress, you can always go for printed hijabs

Printed hijabs are stunning to look at, but when it comes to styling them, you tend to be hesitant.

Nonetheless, you might play it safe by wearing a white top with a multi-colored asymmetric pattern hijab.

Printed trendy Hijab
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

Adding a splash of color to your outfit will help you stand out. Just try to avoid wearing the same print hijab as your top because it will make you seem overdone.

Img Src: Haute Hijab

A basic white-collar top or a shirt paired with a pair of culottes is a wiser option. This will help you in balancing out the overall look.

This is not something you see very frequently, but if done well, it can look really trendy.

4. Choose Bolder Colors

If you prefer to mix and match different shades, you can go for any brighter tone to see which colors go best with your outfit.

To add a splash of color to an otherwise white outfit, you can opt for bolder shades like Maroon, Mustard Yellow, Rusty Orange, or even Burgundy.

Dark Color Hijab with White Outfit
Img Src: CULTURE Hijab Co

You probably haven’t pictured yourself in deeper colors like burgundy or maroon. However, you should have it in your closet since it not only looks great with white dresses, but it also complements a variety of complexion tones.

Bolder Hijab
Img Src: Hajra

It’s bright and beautiful, and it represents your excellent fashion sense. You can’t go wrong with these clashing hijab colors, we promise!

Mustard Hijab

5. All White Look

How much white is too much? Nothing beats a good old-fashioned white hijab. It will never detract from the overall look of your outfit.

In fact, because of its adaptability, you may wear a full white hijab outfit and bring out the best in yourself. When it comes to choosing a hijab for your dress, white is a safe bet.

White Hijab Outfit
Img Src: salialdigs

It may be worn with any casuals. If you want to seem more business-like in a formal setting, consider getting your hands on a satin or chiffon scarf.

All White Look
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

The best way to get an all-white effect is to combine different elements of the same color, such as saturation, tint, or shade, and design features.

White Hijab Outfit
Img Src: Eileen Lahi EEQA

Don’t forget to add well-thought-out accessories to break up the monotony of an all-white costume from head to toe.

6. Black Hijab Rules the League

The two polar opposite shades, white and black, will always have your back. Similar to white hijabs, black headscarves are also must-haves in your modest wardrobe.

Black Hijab styled with white dress

Every hijabi woman knows the value of having a black headscarf in her collection. There can never be too many of them. Black hijab comes in a wide range of fabrics, exquisite detailing, and designs.

Black Hijab Outfit
Img Src: Jasmine Fares

The combination of a white dress with a black hijab is always a winning combination. After all, opposites do attract, right?

They are the easiest color combinations to make a stylish outfit, and also the boldest.

Black and White Look
Img Src: saliadigs

🔥 Style Tip: Create a stunning contrast by pairing a white shirt with a black scarf and a black cross-body purse.

7. Shades of Blue

Blue hijabs come in a variety of colors, including Azure blue, Prussian blue, Pastel blue, Navy blue, Teal blue, and so many others.

White dress with blue hijab
Img Src: Noha Hamid

Blue hijabs are suitable for all seasons since the color blue does not absorb much heat in the summer and also compliments the frigid winters perfectly.

The blue hijabs are versatile, giving your simple white outfit a lively yet classy party vibe. Lastly, you can complete your white outfit with a sapphire satchel handbag and white strappy heels.

Blue Hijab
Img Src: ŞURA ER

That’s all. Now that you know what color hijab to wear with white dress, go ahead and experiment with different colors to come up with your own combos.

Let us know in the comments what shades of white dress hijab you like to wear.

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