7 Easy Ideas on How To Organize Your Hijabs for Everyday Use

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Do you want to know how to organize your hijabs so that you can spot them easily while getting ready? Then we’ve found some super easy ideas that will undoubtedly help you in keeping your hijabs well-organized and up to date.

Being a Hijabi or a scarf lover, you may have a vast collection of colorful alluring hijabs and under scarves. However, the challenge here for you would be figuring out the best and most efficient way to perfectly organize your hijabs, especially if you have a lot of them.

If you want to maintain your hijabs for a long time, you must carefully store them. They, like all clothes, are prone to wrinkling, ripping, and damage. Keeping the hijabs organized will make it a lot easier and faster for you to pick a matching one that complements your outfit and can toss on any hijab style that you like.

But first, here are some tips to help you keep your hijabs organized

Tips To Organize Your Hijabs

  • Decide how you want to arrange hijabs, whether hanging or folded.
  • Divide your scarves into a few categories based on color, fabric, size, or occasion is.
  • Keep your hijab caps in a separate box.
  • Try to round up your collection with some hijab pins and clips.
  • Don’t coordinate your hijabs to your outfits since one hijab may easily be used with multiple different dresses.

7 Easy Ideas on How To Organize Your Hijabs for Everyday Use

Nobody likes a cluttered drawer or closet. However, not everyone has the time or the skill to maintain it aesthetically yet functionally.

So we have found you some of the best ways to arrange every hijab you own in the least amount of space imaginable.

1. Ring Hijab Hangers

The hangers come in many different forms. To organize your hijabs properly, you can get a hanger with rings. This hanger takes up the same amount of space as a basic hanger.

Ring Hijab Hanger
Img Src : De Valeur | Hijab Store

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The rings are often made of knitted material that will not damage your hijabs. Depending on the size, it may hold up to 25- 30 hijabs. All you have to do is simply put your hijabs through the rings and hang them in your closet.

The best part about this option is that you can keep all of your different hijabs in one place without worrying about whether or not they will fit. 

Hijab Hanger

You can absolutely get creative with this; try color matching them or even putting your most often used hijabs on one hanger and the ones you rarely use on another.

The pro tip you can follow here is to avoid hanging the hijabs by a knot; doing so may harm your hijabs and invite unwanted creases.

2. Multi-Layer Pant Hanger as a Hijab Organizer

A basic multi-layer pant hanger is another excellent way to keep your hijab in place. It is commonly available in every retail store. It saves a lot of room and can hold a lot of your hijabs.

Multi-Layer Pant Hanger

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To hang your hijabs neatly, fold them a long way as many times as you need to reach the necessary width, then fold them in half and hang them over each rail.

Pant Hanger
Img Src : gumpcollection

These are fantastic because you can stack and pack your hijabs on these hangers and they will still appear neat and put together for all you cleanliness freaks.

What’s also great about this way is that you can readily see all of your hijabs, making it much easier to grab the one you need for your outfit.

3. Hijab Storage Box

If you have limited hanging space in your cabinet or closet, these self-designed hijab storage boxes are the perfect alternative for you. You will not have to invest additional money on any furniture or other organizers for this function.

Hijab Storage Box
Img Src: nabyshiam

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This low-cost idea is quite useful. All you need is a large empty box (you could even wrap and prepare an empty shoebox!). You can fold all of your hijabs and store them in boxes underneath your bed or on top of your wardrobe.

4. Hijab Storage Drawer

Many of you may not like the idea of hanging hijabs or some may not have enough space to do so. Then, you can use your spare drawers as well to keep your hijab organized.

how to organize your hijabs
Img Src: Pinterest

All you got to do is fold all of your veils and stack them next to each other. You can play with different color tones to achieve a pleasing arrangement in your closet. However, preferably we would suggest using these empty drawers for thicker hijabs such as cotton or jersey.

This idea will keep your hijabs neatly organized and dust-free. The only drawback is that your scarves may have folding lines and will need to be pressed again.

5. Mini Hijab Organizer

Hijabs in a drawer are usually a mess unless you’re an expert! It’s difficult to keep things orderly in a drawer since they become displaced and jumbled up so easily.

Mini Hijab Organizer
Img Src : The Hijab Outlet

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However, if you have empty drawers, you may put these little hijab box organizers inside to keep them neatly arranged. It’s a great idea for both newbies and experts.

You can simply roll your hijabs and set them in their respective compartments, and you’ll have a nicely arranged hijab collection. 

mini organizer
Img Src: The Pacific Standard

These mini hijab organizers will keep all of your different hijabs properly organized in a drawer, making it easy for you to just choose the one you wanted without disrupting the well-organized hijab array.

6. Hanger Rack Stand

The hanger rack is the perfect option for displaying your vast hijab collection in a beautiful manner. Nothing tops a white rack since you can use any color hijab on it and it will provide a gorgeous touch to your room decor.

Hanger Rack Stand
Img Src: ertie.shop

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To arrange it fold your hijab in thirds, then in half, then drape each hijab over the front rail, tucking it between the rails below it. That way, you can see each hijab, the fabric isn’t overflowing, and everything appears nice and clean.

The trick here for everyday ease is to keep your most preferred ones on the top row, and so on. These racks can accommodate a considerable number of hijabs, making it a great little investment.

7. DIY Hijab Organizer

If you’re willing to learn a ‘do-it-yourself’ technique, then this one is for you.

All you need is a hanger and a box of shower curtain rings to make an easy-to-use hijab organizer. You can put these rings in the hanger and create as many dividers as you need. To get a clear idea, watch this YouTube tutorial.

The best part about them is that you don’t have to waste time folding your Hijabs. You can quickly put them in and take the ones you need out.

You can hang this hijab organizer with the rest of your clothes and never have to worry about trying to find that one scarf you bought a month earlier that always mysteriously disappears.

That’s all it is. Never again will you have to dig through piles and piles of your hijabs in your closet!

We hope that these storage ideas will help you in arranging your hijabs and clearing up those overstuffed drawers.

Let us know how you organize your hijab in other ways in the comments.

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