7 Beautiful Hijab Styles for Eid That Every Hijabi Should Try

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Do you want to try on new hijab styles for Eid? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve picked seven stunning hijab styles that will make you the talk of this year’s Eid.

Eid is around the corner, and hijabis may still be looking to find the perfect hijab that matches their outfit. After all, everyone wants to look their best at the festive, and nothing could be better to play with than stunning hijab styles.

Hijab styles have evolved over time, and there are now a lot of options to choose from, each with its own unique style and beauty. Moreover, these hijab styles for Eid are fun and simple to wear, and with so many variations, you’ll never be short of ideas!

7 Beautiful Hijab Styles for Eid That Every Hijabi Should Try

For many of us, the need to find the perfect one to wear on Eid may be overwhelming, and we often feel confused among the sea of alternatives.

To save time, check out some of the hijab styles for Eid listed below to make your day more special.

1. Hijab With Earrings

If you have a festive occasion to dress up for, this is the perfect hijab style. A hijab with earrings is probably the most popular style for Eid and it’s easy to understand why.

It looks gorgeous and gives plenty of room to flaunt your accessories and the outfit the way you want.

You can wear your scarf in whatever way you like. Next, pair it with your favorite studs. Just don’t cover your earlids. And you’re done with the amazing hijab style.

hijab styles for eid
Img Src: Nisha Khalid

But there’s one thing you need to keep in mind when styling this look. You don’t want it to look like a jumble of random accessories – no matter how pretty they are, that’s never good.

So how do you get the balance right? Our advice would be to pick one accessory—like a pair of statement earrings and let that be your focus point. Rest will fall into place from there.

2. The Classic Neck Wrap

The Classic Neck Wrap is a must-try for this Eid. Everyone like this way of wrapping the hijab, and it goes well with any suit. It’s very simple to do and gives you a clean look.

Sometimes, you may also struggle to wear festive gowns with embroidered collars and necklines since they might get hidden by the headscarf. Need not worry! This hijab style will allow you to flaunt your stunning jewelry and intricate collars like never before.

hijab eid outfits
Img Src: Noha Hamid

All you need to do is take your favorite hijab; choose any fabric you like, but make sure it’s soft so it fits comfortably around your neck. 

Next, put the hijab on your head and wrap both sides of the scarf over your neck. Then, tuck each end underneath your top to fasten it. That’s all there is to it; now you can relax and enjoy your gathering without having to worry about your hijab.

3. Without Pin Hijab Style

This is the best style for hijabis who are often in a hurry. This style does not require hijab pins, which means less time spent fumbling with them and more time getting ready. 

simple hijab styles for eid
Img Src: Saima Khan

To get this style, you’ll need to wear an under cap to keep the hijab in place on your head. Simply turn each length of fabric over the opposing shoulder to form a criss-cross pattern. Finally, from the back, tie both ends together in a loose knot to keep it secure.

Thi hijab style for Eid is super simple to achieve as it requires minimal effort while still leaving you looking effortlessly beautiful!

4. Turban Style Hijab

The classic turban hijab style is understated among all styles while still making a statement. It is a great hijab style to try out this Eid because it’s easy to achieve and pairs well with almost all outfits.

hijab style for eid
Img Src: Hajra

Follow these steps to wear a Turban hijab style:

  • Take two equal-length hijab sides
  • Cross the sides behind your neck. Pull them tight and cross them over your shoulders.
  • Cross the right shoulder end over your bun. Keep it low on your head and not too high. Repeat for the left side while holding that end. Make sure it isn’t too bulky on the head.
  • After gathering both ends, tie a knot at the base of your low bun.
  • Then tuck in the remaining short ends of your hijab and you’re done!

This may not be the go-to style for many since it doesn’t cover your neck, but if you’re comfortable showing off some of your outfit and accessories below your chin then go for it!

5. Over-the-Shoulder Hijab

This is probably one of the quickest hijab styles to wear during Eid. You will be surprised at how well this hijab style stays in place without getting loose in between your eid preparations and gatherings. 

over the shoulder Hijab
Img Src: Jaserah

To wear this style, take both sides of your scarf and pin them beneath your chin using a hijab pin. Toss both sides over each shoulder and you’re good to go!

What’s the best part? It goes with anything, from suits to abayas, so feel free to wear it with whatever you like.

You can pair your outfit with a matching hijab for a more seamless look, or make a statement with a contrasting color for some additional flair!

A light chiffon scarf would be perfect for this style on Eid if you want to wear your hijab in a light, flowy way.

6. Front Flowy Hijab Style

This hijab style has a simple elegance that may be worn at any time of day. It takes less than five minutes to drape and is ideal for weddings, festive occasions, and other dressy events where you want to glam up your outfit.

front flowy hijab style
Img Src: Layba Ahmad

To get this look, follow these steps:

  • Wrap the scarf over your head, ensuring sure it covers your neck and the back of your head.
  • Next, secure the one length of hijab at the nape of your neck with a safety pin.
  • Tuck any excess material behind for a neat look.
  • Finally, let the cloth fall over your chest in a relaxed way that fits with both ethnic and casual dresses.

For this style, embellished hijabs are the best way to spice up your Eid look. They are quite trendy now since they add glitz to the festivities without sacrificing elegance.

7. Dupatta Drape Style

Dupatta-style Hijabs are the perfect blend of comfort and elegance. They are ideal for summer since the lightweight, breathable fabric of the dupatta allows you to escape the intense sun during festive times.

dupatta drape hijab style
Img Src: Hajra

There are several ways to wear this look, and the way you fold or pleat the dupatta will depend on the shape of your face. Our favorite way to wear this hijab style is when the fabric doesn’t fold and looks more like a dupatta draped over the shoulder.

If you want to try this style, pick a dupatta that compliments or contrasts with your attire and show off your creative side with some imaginative hijab dupatta draping.

Wrapping Up: Beautiful Hijab Styles for Eid That Every Hijabi Should Try

To sum up, we hope that this article has given you some ideas for alternative hijab styles for Eid that you might try out for this year’s gathering or other special occasions. 

No matter where you are on the spectrum or if you have or have not worn a headscarf before, we encourage you to try at least one of these styles.

Whatever style you wear remember to be confident in it.  Remember that the hijab is not an accessory; it is an integral part of your faith, therefore wear it with pride and confidence.

Let us know in the comments which hijab styles for Eid you plan to try.

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