About Me

Welcome to my modest world which emphasizes modest fashion in its own unique way. I am Swaliha Baza, in my early twenties, born and raised in Mumbai, India.

Modesty holds a different meaning for everyone. For me, modesty is displaying a sense of decency in the way I present myself. It is not an obligation to me but something I choose for myself. From often adding that extra fabric or sewing the slits, to exploring different styles, I tried to bring out the best of all. I love the idea of dressing up in a non-skimpy way as it gives me a sense of freedom and being committed to my faith. 

Through ModestBay, I want to create a space for those out there who are struggling to find the perfect style for themselves and at the same time want to uplift their modest fashion game. Because, why not? After all, the most treasured possessions come in the most beautiful wrappings. 

Let’s spread modest fashion.!