7 Stylish Abaya Styles for Every Occasion: What’s Trending Now

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Are you looking for different abaya styles? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Abaya is a simple, loose outer garment that is similar to a robe and is usually worn by Muslim women all over the world. It is simple, elegant, and most importantly can be worn with many different items, making it a wardrobe staple.

Abaya dresses had come a long way since the days when they were loose and didn’t have any structure. But now with frills, ruffles, new colors, and edgy styles, these dresses are quite popular.

abaya styles
Img Src: Esraa Raafat

They are no longer just for women who wear hijab; many fashion bloggers and influencers style them in so many different ways. Keep reading to learn more about different abaya styles.

Abayas come in many styles, which not only make a fashion statement but also give the woman who wears them a sense of identity.

You’ll often see abayas worn for a variety of events, from festive occasions like Eid to more formal settings like university or the workplace. What’s great about them is that you can stay covered up while yet looking put together.

Scroll down to see different abaya styles and how to style them to stand out.

1. Jacket Style Open Abaya

A jacket style open Abaya has a loose-fitting and looks like any fashion jacket, but it is roomier and falls at the hip. These abayas can be made of different fabrics depending on the occasion.

open abaya jacket
Img Src: Veiled Collection

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You may choose ones with thin fabric for a summery style, or ones with thicker fabric for the winter months. Also, they usually have an adjustable belt with them that matches to make the whole outfit look better.

Open abaya veiled
Img Src: Veiled Collection

These abayas are designed with comfort in mind, making them ideal for lounging about the home or doing errands. However, you may also wear them to formal events when you want to make a good impression with your impeccable style.

Most of the time, open jacket abayas come with matching hijabs that complement their tailored look. You can style them with monochrome cords set and finish the look with high ankle strap heels for a perfect street style aesthetic.

2. A-Line Abaya

The A-line abaya is characterized by its loose, flowy fit. These abaya styles flares out from the chest down to the hem, which is longer in the back, giving it an A-like shape.

a line abaya style
Img Src: Hajra

These styles typically feature a V- neckline and loose sleeves for ease of movement. Some also have a sash or belt at the waist for definition.

If you want to look more traditional in this abaya, you can try the classic casual hijab style. This style looks best on a fluffy or loose-fitting abaya collection.

types of abaya styles
Img Src: Posh Abaya

This style of abaya is appropriate for both casual and formal occasions and can easily be accessorized with different headpieces. to make it interesting.

a line abaya
Img Src: Esraa Raafat 🇪🇬🇸🇦

In addition, if you’re planning on wearing this piece to a festive celebration, a royal satin hijab is a great choice. To put it another way, it will make you seem more refined and classy during upscale gatherings.

3. Layered Abaya Style

A layered abaya is a unique style of the garment. This style emphasizes two or more layers that are often made from different materials.

layer abaya
Img Src: Love Elegance

You can also buy a double-layered abaya which is another similar pattern; it consists of two separate garments sewn together at the front and has an asymmetrical hemline that often features a slit and intricate needlework.

layered abaya style
Img Src: Love Elegance

You can wear it open over a sleeveless maxi dress for a chic, on-trend look. This style is quite fashionable, and many like to wear it to casual events.

layered abaya style
Img Src: hudamdeeqq

If you’re going out for dinner or to a casual gathering, choose muted colors like ice blue, toasty, and rose gold. This will give you a more appealing look while also making you more at ease.

4. Cape Style Abaya

Cape-style abayas are the perfect way to add a little bit of flair to your basic outfit. This is a variation of the traditional abaya that includes a cape flowing from the shoulder which makes it very stylish.

cape abaya
Img Src: nesmamokhtarabaya

The cape is versatile enough to allow your arms free while yet creating a beautiful overlay. It can be made with different embroidery styles and patterns, as well as being made of different materials.

cape style abaya
Img Src: misslittlefancy

The cape adds a modern look, but to enhance it, you can always get a buttoned layer in the front with a collar. You can wear these cape abaya styles anywhere, and they will make you feel empowered.

cape abaya style
Img Src: Classic Abaya

To style it up, you can always accessorize it with minimalistic neck accessories and a chic handbag. This style is popular among younger gals who want to bring a modern edge to their style.

5. Robe Abaya Style

The robe abaya is by far the easiest and most comfortable to wear. It is in the kimono style, has long sleeves, and falls to the knees, making it suitable for layering over a wide range of outfits.

robe abaya
Img Src: Aaliya Collections

Other than being comfortable, robe abaya is also appealing and makes a style statement. These abayas are often tied with a belt of the same color that is included with the set.

robe style abaya
Img Src: Mk Collection

If you wish, you can, however, leave it untied and wear it as a shrug over different types of jeans or a maxi dress. You can buy robe abayas in all sorts of colors, materials, and prints, so there is definitely one to match your taste.

robe abaya style
Img Src: Aryah Collection

If you want your abaya to do all the talking, choose a long, stylish one with floral prints and bold cuffs. This can turn a simple abaya into an eye-catching party piece. These abayas are most stunning when made from luxurious fabrics like silk or chiffon.

6. Ruffled Abayas

Even while most abaya-wearing women choose the more basic cuts, they are now available in a variety of stylish silhouettes. As such, ruffles are the failsafe way to spice up a basic look.

ruffled abaya
Img Src: Rabayaat.inc

There’s just something about ruffles that makes them so classically feminine. Usually, many like having ruffles on the sleeves as it gives a more captivating appearance while you can also have them on the bottom.

ruffle abaya
Img Src: modestdrip

One of the newest looks of ruffle abaya is having them from the front of your waist to the hem in multiple layers and parts. These ruffled abaya styles generally have a more minimalist design and come in a lot of pretty hues.

ruffle abaya style
Img Src: Rabayaat.inc

You can never go wrong with pastels, which are always classy. Some of the best choices are a Venetia rose, coral pink, or a peach puff. You can also go with darker colors and a lighter headscarf to give a dominating statement in the room.

7. Trench Overcoat Abaya

The trench coat abaya is currently one of the most popular styles in Vogue, and for good reason. This style comes in different shapes, like a fitted silhouette or a flared silhouette, to suit different tastes.

trench coat abaya
Img Src: Maria Alia

This abaya looks the most elegant and up-to-date. However, when styling a trench overcoat abaya, color combination is key. If you want to wow your audience, your color choices should be well thought out and harmonious.

coat abaya
Img Src: The Edge

For instance, if you are planning a brunch on a crunchy winter morning, you can go for a neutral hue coat abaya, paired with leather pants and brown high-knee boots

You can also further style it up with a belt to accentuate the waist and give your look more structure. It’s certainly a great option for laid-back occasions, everyday wear, and lunch with the girls.

coat style abaya
Img Src: Nazmin

You can often find these abayas in the winter collection as they can make you look stylish in winter and also warmer.

Wrapping Up: Different Types of Abaya Styles You Can Try

That brings us to the end! This concludes our list of the best abaya styles to buy this year. Not only are these styles trendy and in style, but you can also buy them wherever you are owing to the worldwide shipping given by several modest clothing brands.

Styling an Abaya is simple and may easily leave you with a stylish statement. There are definitely a lot of styles and patterns that can be added to the above list that you can try to create a stunning look.

What did you think about the different abaya styles? Tell us which one you would like to go for by dropping your comments below.

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