15 Different Types of Hijab Styles for Any Occasion

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Are you looking for different types of hijab styles to elevate your hijab game? This article will guide you with 11 effortless ways to wear your hijab.

Hijab is an essential piece of a Muslim woman’s wardrobe, particularly when it comes to modest dressing. Wearing a hijab is not a fashion style. Many people consider the hijab to be nothing more than a headscarf, but it has far more meaning.

For many Muslim women, the hijab is a choice, a way of life, and a symbol of deep religious sentiment. Women wear the hijab wrapped around the head as a means of fulfilling the commandment of God to safeguard their modesty.

In this article, we’ll guide you with 15 effortless ways to wear your hijab.

Before we get into the hijab types, let’s first have a look at the types of hijab materials that are available in the market.

Different Types of Hijab Materials

According to fashion industry experts, the fabric of the hijab is just as important as the style of the hijab. A woman may experiment with different types of hijab materials to develop her own unique hijab style.

The following are some of the most popular hijab fabrics across the world.

  • Chiffon Material

Chiffon is one of the best hijab materials. The chiffon hijabs are made from a variety of fibers, including cotton, silk, and synthetics. Since this material is light and flowing, it will not only make you look beautiful but also comfortable.

  • Crinkle Cotton Material

These are dazzling Cotton hijabs that are both comfy and stylish to wear. These hijabs remain in place with minimum effort because of their crinkled texture, lightweight material, and breezy flow.

  • Georgette Material

Georgette is a chiffon-like fabric that adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit. This hijab material is sheer, light in weight, and has a drab texture. The Georgette hijabs are now becoming increasingly popular among women.

  • Jersey Material

The jersey hijab is a super soft and stretchy piece of fabric that is easy to style and won’t slip off easily. It’s very versatile, and it looks great with any outfit.

This hijab material is great since it may be worn all year round due to its lightweight and breathable nature.

  • Satin Material

Satin is another best hijab material worn by hijabis, and it comes in a variety of colors and designs. Most women prefer Satin hijabs because it makes them feel at ease. The gleam of real satin gives a feeling which is totally out of this world.

Now that we know the different hijab materials available in the market, let’s look at different hijab styles that are perfect for any occasion.

15 Different Types of Hijab Styles for Any Occasion

Hijab is styled and worn in a variety of ways, depending on the occasion, season, and matching. To make it easy for the new hijabis, and help you choose an exclusive look, we have compiled a list of different types of hijab styles.

1. Layered Hijab

The layered hijab style is the best style for giving your face an enchanting look. The hijab is draped over the head in multiple layers for a voluminous effect in this style.

types of hijab style
Img Src: Sebinaah

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This simple and minimalistic look works well with both formal and casual outfits. You can pull off this hijab style with almost any sort of fabric.

This style is simple to wear yet stylish, as it features several layers on the head and as well as on the chest.

2. Over the Shoulder Drape

An exquisite drape requires the use of the most elegant fabrics available. For this hijab style, pull out your chiffons, satins, and matte satin hijabs.

different types of hijab styles
Img Src: J A S M I N E F A R E S

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All you have to do is to pin your hijab beneath your chin in such a way that both sides are equal. Finally, fling both the sides across the opposite shoulder, and there you have it!

This style provides you with a simple and elegant look without the need for a lot of hijab pins. If you want to go for a more extravagant look, allow one side of the hijab to drape right on your shoulders.

3. Loosely Tied Hijab

Most women choose not to tie their hijab firmly around their faces and seek alternative options. This loosely wrapped hijab style leaves you with breathable space and elegance.

Loosely tied hijab style
Img Src: Eileen Lahi EEQA

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This comfortable hijab look may be worn to work or while running errands. You can wear a hijab cap underneath to prevent the hair from showing, making it a great way to stay covered while remaining cool.

Loosely tied hijab style is time-saving, cost-effective, and super comfortable. You can pull off this look easily with any fabric, including chiffon, silk, viscose, and cotton.

If you live in a hot environment and are tired of having sweaty, unkempt hair, this hijab style is a perfect choice.

4. Chest Covering Hijab

Have you ever bought a beautifully patterned hijab and been disappointed about not being able to show off the print properly? Then this chest covering hijab style will be ideal for you.

chest covering hijab style
Img Src: findramitha

Simply stretch one corner over your chest and tie the rest of it like a hijab to show off the beautiful design in all of its splendor. With this hijab style, you can also achieve the desired chest coverage.

5. Classic Casual Hijab

This simple style is considered one of the original hijab styles. It’s a go-to for many hijabis since it’s simple to do and possible with practically any hijab material. For a casual, everyday look, you may wear this hijab style with viscose, crinkle cotton, or jersey hijabs.

casual hijab style
Img Src: O M A Y A Z E I N

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You may simply wear this hijab style by first putting it on your head, and leaving one side longer than the other. Then, tuck the scarf beneath your chin. Finally, slide the long side over your head to the opposite ear and secure it with a straight pin.

If you want to elevate this style to suit more on special occasions like weddings, switch to chiffon or satin hijabs for extra elegance.

6. Turban Hijab

This incredible and elegant hijab up-do is perfect for busy women. This style is the sleekest and most elegant of all. The turban hijab style is understated while still making a statement.

turban hijab style
Img Src: Hajra

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This beautiful style is achieved by wrapping the hijab from behind the neck and tying it into a bun on top, commonly known as the top knot. It is a fuss-free technique to style your hijab without the need for any extra pins.

If you are worried about your neck covering, combine this hijab style look with a turtleneck or high collar top. This style can be best carried with jersey or crinkle cotton fabrics.

7. Winter Hijab

When winter arrives, it’s time to layer up and a plain cotton hijab just won’t suffice. A good knit headscarf, wrapped firmly around the head and tucked snuggly inside a thick polo neck sweater, is all you’ll need.

winter hijab style
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

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To add an unexpected twist to your hijab, tie a knot using the loose corner of your scarf. A chunky woolen scarf for your hijab is another great way to remain warm throughout the winter while still looking stylish.

You can get a hijab in the ivory shade and combine it with a monochromatic jacket to look like a million bucks.

8. Hijab That Shows Earrings

If you like statement earrings, you may want to try out this hijab style. Wearing a hijab does not mean that you can’t wear earrings. You can always look out for new ways to style them with your hijab.

hijab with earings
Img Src: O M A Y A Z E I N

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For this hijab style, simply knot your hijab from just behind your earlobe. Alternatively, you can tie the hijab securely around your neck and let it flow beautifully on one side, allowing you to show off the earring on the other.

You may completely transform your look by adding the right amount of accessories to your hijab. You can even go for the big hoop earrings or simple yet chic diamonds for a more sophisticated look.

9. Neck Wrap Hijab

The neck wrap hijab style features a gorgeous wrap around your neck that does not hang freely. It gives a really neat look, making it ideal for business meetings and even formal gatherings.

neck wrap hijab style
Img Src: Imane Asry

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Hijabis sometimes find it challenging to go for shirts with embroidered collars and necklines as they get covered under the hijab. However, this hijab style allows you to flaunt your spectacular necklaces and intricate collars like never before.

You may add additional details to this look by tying a knot on the side or back. This style goes well with modest attires. You may also tuck the hijab in sweatshirts and hoodies.

10. Arabic Hijab

The Arabic hijab style is regarded as one of the most attractive styles worn by women in Arab nations. It’s a hijab that covers the head completely and forms a triangle-like shape on the chest side.

Arabic hijab style
Img Src: Saba Ibrahim

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When it comes to styling the hijab, Arab women prefer voluminous hijabs. They typically wear their hair in high updos and wrap large scarves over their heads multiple times to make their hijab as large as possible.

Furthermore, the Arabic hijab style provides you with the most beautiful and elegant outlook. It keeps your hair intact and adds a nice finishing touch to your hijab.

11. Turkish Hijab

The Turkish hijab style has acquired immense popularity in the modest fashion industry. With this head covering, you can create a minimalistic look.

You can wrap the hijab around the neck as well as in the back. There is a unique allure that gives this hijab style a luxurious feel while giving off an effortless elegance.

Turkish Hijab Style
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

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In addition to being an excellent staple for western modest attires, it may also be readily incorporated into eastern clothes, particularly sarees. You can match your Turkish hijab with your favorite outfit for a stylish everyday look.

12. Shayla Hijab

Shayla hijab style means wearing headscarves with long veils. This hijab style gives you the freedom to be creative with your look.

This hijab is worn by Muslim women in the Gulf countries and can be styled in a variety of ways depending on individual preference such as looping it around your neck or wrapping it around your head and securing both ends with pins.

shayla hijab styles
Img Src: LIA

It is perfect to wear on an everyday basis since it is comfortable and airy while remaining non-transparent when wrapped. Also, you can find them in almost every color and fabric to match almost any outfit.

13. Khimar Hijab

The term ‘khimar’ derives from the meaning ‘cover.’ This modest headgear covers the head, neck, and shoulders, and falls to the chest or stomach. The length may be adjusted to suit your needs.

All you have to do is simply slip it over your head, adjust it correctly around your face and chest, and you’re hijab-ready in just a minute. It’s popular among many women since it’s low-maintenance, requiring little styling work while giving good coverage and allowing for effortless flexibility.

khimar hijab style
Img Src: Sana Khan

This versatile one-piece garment may be worn in a variety of ways. You can get a khimar with elastic at the cuffs for a more pronounced style. You may also choose a khimar with subtle flowery prints if you want to be lively but not too loud.

If you prefer basic colors, you can add contrast to your dress by using a contrasting tone of khimar. The khimar is ideal for summer since it floats while you walk, keeping you cool.

14. Bridal Hijab

Bridal hijabs are designed to be more extravagant than day-to-day styles. They can be made of silk or satin and usually come in white color, though you can choose any color that suits your wedding outfit.

If your dress is of net or sheer then you can wear the same sheer net hijab with it. If the dress has embroidery or stones on it then choose the hijab with the same design.

types of hijab
Img Src: Omayazein

Other embellishments such as lace, pearls, and other fabrics are often used to make the hijab look more elegant and appropriate for formal events.

As with other special styles of hijab, bridal hijabs are usually worn with the bridal veil; they’re another way to add extra style and elegance while still staying modestly covered up.

15. Ethnic Hijab Style

Ethnic or Embroidered hijabs are undeniably popular this season. With so many patterns and styles to select from, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Embroidered hijabs add texture, delicate details, and whimsical touch to this style, making it even more of a statement piece. This style is embellished with jewels, sequins, or beads, giving the hijab a sparkly look.

embroidered hijab style
Img Src: Layba Ahmad

Ethnic hijabs are a simple way to get dressed up without having to buy an entirely new outfit. This kind of hijab is often heavier than regular hijabs.

It looks well with an evening gown or traditional attire to wear on special occasions. If you’re searching for a hijab style for Eid, this is the one to go for.

That brings us to the end of our list. These are some of the different types of hijab styles that will complete your modest look while also adding beauty to your face.

The hijab styles you can achieve are endless and you can choose any based on personal style!

Now that you know how to wear hijab in a trendy and modest way, what are you waiting for? Feel free to experiment with different fabrics and different hijab styles available.

We hope these few hijab styling ideas will help you keep your hijab on fleek every single day! Let us know in the comments which type of hijab styles you are most excited to try.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hijabs

In what countries do women wear the hijab?

There is no one answer to this question as there is no one country that uses hijab. Hijab is a religious practice that is followed by Muslims around the world. In some countries, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, hijab is mandatory for women. In other countries, like Egypt and Morocco, hijab is worn by many women but is not required by law. In still other countries, like Turkey and Indonesia, the hijab is not widely worn but is becoming more popular among young women.

Are niqab and hijab the same?

Niqab and hijab are not the same. Niqab is a face covering that is worn by some Muslim women in public places. Hijab is a headscarf that is worn by Muslim women.

What is the difference between a hijab and a burqa?

There is a difference between a hijab and a burqa. A hijab is a headscarf that covers the head and neck, but leaves the face uncovered. A burqa is a full-body covering that covers the entire body, including the face.

What are the different types of hijab pins?

Hijab pins are available in a variety of styles and colors in the market. These pins are now embellished with precious metals, gemstones, fabric flowers, etc. You can find more information about this by reading our dedicated article on hijab pins.

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