9 Stunning Ways To Wear Stripes This Season

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Are you wondering how to wear stripes and experiment with them this season? This article discusses 9 unique styles that can be worn by anyone.

When it comes to patterns, stripes are a girl’s best friend since they never go out of style. There’s something about this vintage yet totally modern pattern that fits regardless of the season, event, or mood.

Stripes are those classic pieces that make any outfit paired with them look distinctive. The beauty of this pattern is that it comes in a variety of colors, widths, and orientations.

Apart from several stripes to choose from, there are many ways to wear them.

Tips on How To Wear Stripes

When it comes to wearing stripes, there are no hard and fast rules, but there are certain tips and ideas to keep in mind.

1. Consider Thin Stripes

Thinner stripes are generally more flattering on form-fitting pieces like dresses, skirts, and so forth.

2. Wear Vertical Stripes on the Bottom

If you’re on the shorter side, stick to vertical stripes in your pants. Because horizontal on the bottom half of your body might make you look wider than you are.

3. Be More Diverse

Stripe combined with other patterns, such as floral and geometrics, creates a fun and unique look.

9 Stunning Ways To Wear Stripes This Season

Stripes should be a staple in every girl’s closet. However, if you feel uninspired by this trend, we have some easy ideas for you to freshen up your stripe style this season.

See some of our favorite modest striped outfits below.

1. Different Colors Stripes

Stripes in bright colors are always a good idea. Infusing color into your striped outfit will give your simple monochromatic stripes some edge.

Colors like vivid blue and brilliant red can be used in combination with white, or you can experiment with a variety of shades.

how to wear stripes
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

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For a unique look, try experimenting with clashing colors in rainbow brights on a bigger stripe. You can go as bright as you want if you’re ready for a change.

2. Layering the Stripes

Stripes are one of the easiest patterns to layer with almost everything. Because of their multidimensional qualities, they also provide more depth to your clothing than any block color could.

how to style striped shirt
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

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An extra layer, whether it’s a shrug or a jacket, will do wonders for your look. Wear a solid cardigan over your striped dress to instantly update your look.

3. Consider a Striped Top Alternative

Striped tops are usually the simplest way to wear this trend, but this season you can try stripes on other items such as a blazer, trousers, or a skirt.

A striped blazer is one such sophisticated business casual look that is effortless to pull off.

striped blazer
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

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You can pair a white solid t-shirt with a black and white striped blazer. Further, creatively style them with white culottes for a smart, elegant look.

Lastly, finish this outfit with black ballerina flats and a white leather handbag.

4. Statement Stripes

It doesn’t matter if your stripes are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, as long as they are bold and make a statement! To rock the style, all you have to do is wear them with confidence.

statement stripes
Img Src: Hajar

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Wear your own bold stripes on a coat, jacket, or knit sweater with a simple, slim silhouette and few accessories. Remember that the broader the stripe, the bigger the statement.

5. Go With Neutral Colors

If you want to feel safe, pair your stripes in a neutral shade. These patterns may add interest to your clothing and keep it from seeming too boring. It’s the same as spicing up an outfit with stripes.

neutral stripes
Img Src: ᴍᴀᴡᴀᴅᴅᴀ ᴛᴀᴋ

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If you’re just starting with stripes, pair them with a solid color on the opposite half of your body. A striped skirt with a basic top might look great, as can a full-length beige midi dress.

To complete the outfit, throw a brown tote over your shoulder and you’re set to go on the day.

6. Keep It Simple

We’ve all had those days when we don’t want to think about what to wear and just grab whatever is nearby and go. For those lazy days, a modest striped tunic top is an excellent choice.

striped tunic
Img Src: O M A Y A Z E I N

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There’s nothing like a flared modest tunic with vertical stripes to keep you looking stylish this season. It is unquestionably more expressive and modern than your average tunic. Combine your tunic with tights and you are done.

7. Opt for a Shirt Dress

A striped shirt is one of those modest clothing pieces that can be quite versatile and a wonderful addition to your collection.

It may be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and can appear pretty sophisticated when properly styled.

Stripe shirt
Img Src: Mawadda Tak

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It is a great alternative to a striped top when you want to wear one item and call it a day. Fashionable accessories are a must with this look. A waist bag or a belt bag can also give your entire outfit a fresh look.

8. Pair With a Denim Jacket

If you feel your striped outfit is a little bland, throw on a denim jacket over it to make it more interesting and trendy. A midi dress in black-and-white stripes with a denim jacket over it is ideal for a relaxed day off.

strip with denim jacket
Img Src: Saira

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This striped dress combo looks great with a wash-blue denim jacket, making for a wonderful summer outfit. You can complete this look by adding a straw wide-brim hat, caged shoes, and oversized sunglasses.

9. Invest in a Stripe Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is such a stylish and trendy piece of clothing that it has become one of our favorite constants in a modest wardrobe.

stripe jumpsuit
Img Src: Saliadigs

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You can accomplish a lot more with a jumpsuit than you would imagine. It is most certainly not a single look. You can truly modify it and create a distinct style for your taste.  And layering is the best way to achieve this.

Adding a cropped sweater or even just a t-shirt over the top of your jumpsuit, or layering a roll neck, high neck top, or bodysuit underneath the jumpsuit, may completely change the way it looks and feels.

Wrapping Up: How To Wear Stripes This Season

That’s all! Now that you know everything about how to wear stripes, go ahead and shop for some stunning striped outfits.

After all, it’s an investment that you’ll be able to wear for years without worrying about seeming outdated or unfashionable.

Take a cue from one of the outfits above and fall in love with stripes all over again.

Let us know which of the striped outfits is your favorite in the comments section below.

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