8 Popular Modest Clothing Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

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Are you on the lookout for some modest clothing brands to shop this season? Then you’re at the right place! This article has compiled a list of some of the best websites where you can shop for amazing quality modest dresses for yourself.

Modest Fashion isn’t a trend, but rather the actuality of a significant community of women who want to dress modestly by CHOICE. For years, most fashion designers disregarded a large segment of the market; modest dressers. All of this, however, is beginning to change.

Brands such as H&M, Zara, and others are beginning to include modest trendy pieces into their collections, offering more options than ever before.

While you may now resort to these fast fashion labels for the occasional piece, there are also various other independent clothing brands that are making beautiful pieces of clothing exclusively for modest dressers.

It can be time-consuming and frustrating to find the perfect modest clothing dresses that will cover you in all the right ways, especially if you can’t try them on before you buy.

So to save your time, below are some of our preferred brands that are breaking down barriers and redefining the way you think about modest clothing

1. Veiled Collection

If you’re a fan of all things neutral, this modest clothing brand could be your new favorite!  The Veiled Collection includes a wide range of trendy and exquisite pieces, including jumpsuits and dresses, as well as hijabs, prayer sets, skirts, and two-piece tunic sets.

Veiled collection
Img Src: Veiled Collection

This modest collection is perfect for anybody with a minimalist yet sophisticated sense of style. The majority of their pieces are solid colors that will instantly make you fall in love with them.

Veiled collection
Img Src: Veiled Collection

Without a worry, you can now give your wardrobe a quick upgrade by stocking up on some trendy modest outfits from their website.

Readers of ModestBay can click the below button or use the code: MODESTBAY to get 10% off selected collections from Veiled Collection.

2. Modanisa

Modanisa is a modest Turkish clothing brand and the first online shopping platform to offer Muslim women a variety of styles.

modest clothing brands in USA
Img Src: Modanisa

It is a prominent brand that offers a wide range of modest fashion needs to women all around the world.

Modanisa collection 1
Img Src: Modanisa

From trendy hijabs and stunning jumpsuits to slit-free skirts and elegant modest swimwear, it offers a wide range of appealing choices for getting your wardrobe ready for every season. With their trendy collection, you can effortlessly flaunt your modest style.

3. Verona Collection

Lisa Vogl’s empowering Modest fashion company is another brand that is making modesty both more mainstream and accessible for all Muslimahs. 

Verona Collection is the first modest fashion brand to be founded, featured, and sold in an American department store.

modest wear shopping brand
Img Src: Verona Collection

The modest clothing line includes a carefully picked collection of versatile, ready-to-wear pieces such as dresses, tops, cardigans, Kimonos, trousers, and hijabs.

verona collection 2
Img Src: Verona Collection

This business has now collaborated with two other big retail companies, Macy’s and ASOS, to extend their modest wear apparel collection.

4. Niswa Fashion

Niswa modest fashion line provides high-quality modest clothes, scarves, and accessories that are stylish, contemporary, and simple to style all year long. This place is perfect for someone with a delicate, feminine sense of style.

Niswa Fashion 1
Img Src: Niswa Fashion

Many of the dresses and shirts have delicate long sleeves and a crisscross neckline that elegantly conceals your neck, making open hijab designs modest and effortless to wear.

modest fashion brands
Img Src: Niswa Fashion

The collection is somewhat more expensive than Modanisa and Verona, but it is well worth it for the high quality of their fabric.

5. Louella

Louella was started by Ibtihaj Muhammad, an Olympic fencer from the United States. The modest collection features everything from dresses to jumpsuits to jeans, all with vibrant design, patterns, and eye-catching hues.

Img Src: LOUELLA by Ibtihaj

This apparel line can be seen borrowing inspiration from premier fashion labels to create trendy, versatile, and stylish silhouettes.

louella shop
Img Src: LOUELLA by Ibtihaj

Their clothing pieces offer the perfect blend of modesty that not only looks stylish but also gives comfort in the way you style.

6. Aab

Aab, which was founded in 2007 and operates an online store, has quickly earned a global reputation as one of the top modest fashion brands.

Aab 1
Img Src: Aab

The founder, Nazmin Alim, emphasizes simplicity, elegance, and comfort in her products. This label offers modest wardrobe staples, sporty apparel, and flowery maxi dresses to enhance your everyday look.

modest clothing label in USA
Img Src: Aab

Not only that, but you can also get your hands on fashionable hijabs and abayas in a range of sizes and lengths for the right modest fit.


ASOS, a British fashion retailer, has been increasing its presence in the United States focusing on modest clothes, which was previously unavailable in the country.

ASOS modest dresses
Img Src: ASOS

It has a large selection of modest clothing items such as long sleeves, floor-length hemlines, and opaque materials to meet all of your fashion demands.

Img Src: ASOS

This modest fashion label has everything you need for every event to give you confidence, keep true to yourself, and have fun with fashion.


SHEIN is a global fashion retailer and the ultimate go-to option to shop modest clothes at an affordable price. It offers a diverse range of styles, patterns, and modern designs, such as floral blouses, bell-sleeve jumpsuits, chic dresses, and comfy hoodie sets.


Overall, you can say it’s a hotspot for modest clothes that are reasonably priced and perfectly meet the tastes of a modest dresser like you.


So, what are you holding out for? Click here to explore their online collection.

That’s all! Now that you’ve learned about the different modest clothing brands in the United States, isn’t it time you should update your wardrobe with the most recent modest collection? After all, everyone wants to be comfortable, trendy, and confident at all times.

Hope the above-mentioned modest clothing websites will help you make your buying experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

Let us know in the comments what are your favorite modest clothing lines to shop from.

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