The Best Shoe Colors to Pair With a Red Dress – A Style Guide

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Have you ever stood in front of your mirror, wearing a stunning red dress, only to find yourself at a complete loss when it comes to choosing the right shoes? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The red dress is a bold statement in itself, but the shoes can either make or break the entire look.

In this article, I will guide you through selecting the ideal shoe color for every style of red dress you might have in your wardrobe.

What Color Shoes Go With a Red Dress: A Guide to Stylish Color Pairings

Selecting the perfect shoe to complement a red dress is an art that balances color, style, and occasion.

Let’s look at the ideal shoe colors that will beautifully complement different styles of red dresses and ensure your look is both cohesive and striking.

1. Red Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are long, elegant gowns that go all the way to the floor. Their bright red color makes a bold fashion statement. Picking the right shoes is key to pulling the look together.

what color shoes go with a red dress
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Consider these options:

  • Nude Heels: Styling nude heels with a red maxi dress can create a chic and elegant look. Nude heels come in various shades, so select a hue that closely matches your skin tone. This will create a seamless and elongated look.
Block Heels
Img Src: Summer Albarcha
  • Strappy Sandals: Gold or strappy silver sandals can also add a glamorous touch. The metallic sheen highlights the vibrant red color.
  • Black Flats: Next, you can opt for simple black flats to keep the look refined yet comfy. The dark color grounds the bright red, keeping things classy. It also allows you to wear this comfy dressy look all day.

2. Cocktail Red Dresses

Cocktail dresses exude elegance and sophistication, perfect for various events and gatherings. When opting for a modest red cocktail dress, selecting the right shoes is essential to achieve a harmonious and classy look.

Red Cocktail Dress
Img Src: salialdigs

Here are some color shoe choices that hit the right note:

  • Classic Black Heels: Black pumps are a timeless classic. Their darker neutral tone grounds the vibrant red while the heel provides just enough lift.
  • Metallic Silver or Gold stilettos: For a touch of glamour, you can consider metallic silver or gold heels. These colors add a hint of sparkle and can elevate the overall outfit while maintaining a modest and classy aesthetic. for special events.
  • Red Heels: Red heels in matching or slightly darker red create a modern, sleek look. The tone-on-tone vibe keeps things elegant.
Red Sandals
Img Src: Nicole Lange
  • Taupe or Beige Heels: Taupe or beige shoes provide a neutral and understated option that complements the red dress beautifully. They add a soft and elegant touch to the ensemble.

3. Casual Red Dresses

Casual red dresses are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the shoe.

Casual Red Dress
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

Consider these casual yet fashionable options:

  • White Sneakers: White shoes add a sporty, youthful vibe for running errands or casual days out. You can pair it with a denim jacket for extra coverage.
  • Tan ankle boots: These color boots can create a chic boho look. The neutral tone and low heel are flattering while the boot cut provides more leg coverage.
  • Espadrilles: These versatile shoes lend a breezy, vacation-ready feel. The ankle strap keeps them secure while the flat sole and lace-up design maintain comfort and modesty. You can consider pairing it with espadrille shoes in neutral colors like beige, tan, or nude.

4. Red Cardigan/Sweater

Dressing up in a cozy red cardigan or sweater dress can be both comfortable and stylish. To complete your outfit, selecting the right shoes can add a touch of sophistication or a hint of edge to your cozy red cardigan or sweater dress.

White Shoes
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

You can consider the following shoe options to elevate your warm red knitwear:

  • Brown Boots: Styling your red cardigan or sweater with knee-high boots in black, brown, or gray will add a polished finish. They also provide extra coverage for the legs while keeping your silhouette modest.
  •  Ballet Flats: You can opt for ballet flats to add a touch of femininity to your ensemble. Their classic and simple design complements your stylish knitwear without overpowering it.
  • Low-Block Heels: Elevate your outfit with low-block heels, striking the perfect balance between style and comfort. These versatile shoes provide a subtle lift while ensuring a polished and sophisticated look.

5. Red Shift Dress

For a chic and understated look with this style, you can opt for footwear that enhances the clean lines and simplicity of this dress.

  • Minimal Sandals: Pointed-toe flats in neutral colors such as black, tan, or blush complement the outfit elegantly. The collar and hemline, when paired with flats, create a chic and sophisticated look.
  • Black Kitten heels:  For a chic and sophisticated look that exudes confidence and style, consider black kitten heels. These dainty heels provide a subtle lift without compromising on comfort, making them a perfect choice for a variety of occasions. You can opt for a closed-toe style rather than peep-toes.

6. Red T-Shirt Dress

Red T-shirts are an absolute wardrobe essential. Their casual vibe can go anywhere, from running errands to lunch with friends. When wearing a red tee, you want shoes that make you look stylish, not sloppy.

Instead of flip-flops or strappy heels, consider wearing these:

  • Sporty shoes: When it comes to casual days, you can rock a sporty vibe with either white or black sneakers. Throw on a denim blue or black jacket for that extra layer of style.
White sneaker
Img Src: salialdigs
  • Flat sandals: Keep it secure and feminine with flat sandals sporting an ankle strap. Opt for neutral hues like tan to keep things effortlessly chic.
  • Espadrilles: Planning for a vacation? Style yourself in lace-up espadrilles for that getaway look. These comfy shoes with a flat sole and closed-up design will have you feeling covered and relaxed on your travels.

7. Red Sundress

Nothing says summer like a cute red sundress. The flowy shape and bright color make you want to go out and have fun.

But you still gotta pick the right shoes that keep it stylish.

  • Neutral Shoe: Espadrilles in neutral hues like tan or gray with a lace-up ankle and woven sole are perfect for a beachy day.
  • White Sandal: When it’s all about feminine charm, slip into flat sandals in white or blush. These beauties with ankle straps will secure your steps, giving off a classy vibe.
  • Two-tone Shoes: Looking for a modest yet chic option? Consider ballet flats in nude or black shades. These shoes radiate sophistication with their round toes and low-cut fronts, embodying a sense of elegance and style.

8. Red Oversized Hoodie

Nothing beats the comfort of an oversized red hoodie. Its roomy fit provides coverage while the vibrant hue adds a pop of color.

red oversized hoodie
Img Src: Fataty

When styling an oversized red hoodie, choose shoes that keep the look casual and cozy without compromising the style.

  • Black Ankle Boots: Pairing a red oversized hoodie with leather ankle boots creates a stylish and edgy look. The contrast between the bold red color of the hoodie and the sleek black boots adds a modern touch to the outfit.
  • White Sneakers: You can also opt for white sneakers with your red oversized hoodie for a casual and relaxed vibe. The combination of the vibrant red hue with the clean and crisp white sneakers creates a fresh and laid-back look.
  • Gray Slip-On Sneakers: Opting for gray slip-on sneakers with the red oversized hoodie is also a great option for casual appeal. The neutral gray color of the sneakers provides a subtle and understated complement to the bold red hue, resulting in a comfortable and effortlessly chic ensemble suitable for everyday wear.

9. Red Formal Blazer

A red formal blazer makes a bold statement. The bold color draws attention, while the tailored silhouette conveys maturity at a formal event.

When wearing a red formal blazer, select shoes that add polish while maintaining modesty.

  • Black Patent Leather Pumps: If you’re aiming for a classic and sophisticated look, black patent leather pumps are a fantastic choice. The sleek and shiny black finish creates a striking contrast against the red blazer, adding a touch of elegance to your outfit.
  • White Heels: Opting for white heels with a red blazer creates a fresh and stylish look that is perfect for a chic and modern vibe. The crisp white color of the heels contrasts beautifully with the bold red blazer, adding a touch of brightness and sophistication to your outfit. 
  • Nude Pointed-toe Flats: For a more understated and chic ensemble, nude pointed-toe flats are a great option. The neutral hue of the flats helps to balance out the boldness of the red blazer, creating a polished and versatile look that is perfect for both formal and casual occasions.
  • Metallic Gold Strappy Heels: If you’re feeling a bit adventurous and want to add some glamour to your outfit, metallic gold strappy heels are a fabulous choice. The shimmering gold color provides a pop of luxury and sophistication that beautifully complements the vibrant red of the blazer, making a bold fashion statement for the carpet event.

10. Vintage Red Dresses

A vintage-style red dress brings back the charm of the past with its classic design and fabric choices. It gives off a modest and elegant vibe that reflects a bygone era.

When styling a vintage red dress, it’s important to choose shoes that enhance its old-fashioned beauty.

  • Black Mary Jane Heels: Black Mary Jane heels are a classic choice that exudes a vintage charm. The sleek design and delicate straps add a touch of femininity to your look. Pair them with your red vintage dress for a timeless and elegant ensemble.
  • Nude Peep-Toe Pumps: Nude peep-toe pumps are a versatile option that elongates the legs and creates a chic silhouette. The neutral color complements the boldness of the red dress while adding a modern twist to your vintage look. These shoes are perfect for a sophisticated yet playful vibe.
  • Gold T-Strap Sandals: Gold T-strap sandals bring a touch of glamour to your outfit. The metallic hue adds a hint of luxury and pairs beautifully with the rich red tones of your vintage dress. These sandals are a statement piece that will elevate your ensemble for a standout appearance.

That’s all! Each of these shoe styles offers a unique flair that can enhance your red dress, allowing you to express your personal style with confidence and flair.

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