How To Wear an Oversized Sweater:11 Tips You Need To Follow

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Do you want to know how to wear an oversized sweater? 

The colder months are fast approaching, and with them comes the irresistible urge to cuddle up in all things cozy and warm. Oftentimes, this means pairing a cozy cardigan or oversized sweatshirt with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings. 

However, if you want to seem polished for that particular occasion, it may need more than that. That’s where your oversized sweater comes in; they’re the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble, whether you’re going out or staying in.

oversized sweater
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Oversized sweaters are a great way to add some extra warmth to your look this winter. However, in order to style them correctly, it’s essential to pair them with the right items. 

Read on to find out how to wear an oversized sweater confidently for the season with style.

How To Wear An Oversized Sweater: 11 Tips You Need to Follow

Oversized sweaters are here to stay and for good reason. These cozy pullover designs are the ultimate in practicality and comfort. They’re also a great way to elevate your style game this season. Needless to say, these oversized sweaters are taking over the fashion world. 

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Everyone seems to be loving this alternative and it’s safe to say that we all have at least one oversized sweater that we’re too self-conscious to wear in public. So, how to wear an oversized sweater that doesn’t look goofy?

Keep reading and we’ll show you how to rock this new fashion trend like a pro!

1. Discover Your Oversized Sweater Size

While everyone may appreciate the versatility of oversized sweaters, not every color, pattern, or design will work well for each individual.

They come in various styles like cardigans and turtlenecks, so you can experiment with different options until you find the one that fits your body perfectly.

how to style oversized sweater
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If you’re not sure what size sweater to buy, it’s best to try a few on first and choose a size bigger than your usual one. This may require some trial and error, but it’s worth it because finding the perfect fit will make you feel confident and comfortable.

In any case, keep in mind that the sweater needs to be long enough so that it falls to your hips when you are standing up straight. Next, the sleeves should end at the base of your thumb when you hold up your hand.

determine sweater size
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Trust us, there’s nothing more offputting than wearing an oversized sweater that doesn’t fit. 

2. Pay Attention to Necklines and Hemlines

When you’re pairing your oversized sweater with other pieces, it’s important to pay attention to the neckline and the hemline of each outfit. It can be anything from a crew neck to a V-neck, but it should be the same as the other neckline. 

pay attention to necklines
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There are many ways you can work with the fullness of an oversized sweater, such as pairing it with a high-waisted pair of leggings, a tailored skirt, or even layering it up for a more structured look.

sweater hemlines
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If your oversized sweater has narrow hemlines, try adding a pair of leggings to keep yourself warm while still looking put together. Whereas, if your sweater has wide and open hemlines, try layering them with a pair of patterned trousers.

3. Play With Colors

When it comes to pairing your oversized sweater with other pieces, there are a few color combinations you can try. The first is a contrast color. For example, you could pair your sweater in a soft, earthy tone against a bright, bold color. 

color sweater
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Another way you can play with colors is to go for one complementary color and one accent color. For instance, grey and pink – Grey is a neutral color that is comfortable and warm while pink is a fun, youthful choice. Both of these colors would look great with your big sweater. 

inject some color
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You may also include some monochromatic sweaters, especially neutral ones, which are versatile wardrobe additions that can be matched with a variety of form-fitting bottoms.

4. Keep It Classic and Solid

While there are many ways to pair your oversized sweater with other pieces, we recommend that you keep it simple. A classic sweater paired with simple jeans, a shirt, and boots will look amazing and be incredibly comfortable to wear. 

classic sweater
Img Src: Imane Asry

Alternatively, you can also try the most classic version with an oversized turtleneck sweater tucked into cuffed skinny jeans, or faux leather leggings. Lastly, complete the look with a pair of white sneakers or ankle boots and you’re ready to go. 

classic solid sweater
Img Src: Louise Bollanos

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not pair your sweater with anything too bright or shiny. This will only make your outfit look overdesigned. Instead, try to pair your sweater with neutrals such as grey, black, or brown.

5. Pair With Fitted Denim

If you’re still struggling to figure out how to style an oversized sweater, try pairing your sweater with some distressed denim. It is classic and easily styled with any look.

Aside from its utilitarian purpose, it’s a wonderful way to add texture to an otherwise neutral outfit.

sweater with denim
Img Src: Stephanie Mooney

When you stick to the classics, like a neutral oversized sweater and some light-wash denim, you don’t need much more than a front tuck to finish the look.

Another thing to keep in mind when pairing your oversized sweater with jeans is that proportions are the key. Because you want to look stylish, not like you’re drowning in a duvet.

sweater with jeans
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So, to balance out the oversized shape of the sweater, try the pieces that fit your body and frame it.

6. Top With an Oversized Collar Shirt

If you have an oversized sweater in your closet, chances are you also have some oversized collar shirts too. This is a classic combo that will never get old.

top with shirt
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

The collar shirt is perfect because it adds structure to your outfit while still keeping things casual and effortless. It will draw attention away from the oversized sweater and help you look more pulled together.

how to style oversized sweater
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You can either style it over a cuffed button-up shirt for a casual look or go for a more formal shirt-and-tie style for a night out. If you’re wanting to add a more stylistic touch to your outfit, try adding a pop of color with loafers or a sporty bag. 

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Inject Some Pattern

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to mix it up a bit, you could also try adding some patterns to your outfit. We recommend opting for a bold pattern to contrast with your sweater. 

inject pattern
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

There are many options to choose from. You could try stripes, dots, or even plaid. The key to pulling off a patterned sweater is to pair it with something simple, like a winter sports coat, to keep your outfit from looking too over the top.

Another easy way to pull off this look is to wear your patterned sweater underneath a blazer. This lets you play around with the color of your sweater without going overboard.

pattern sweater
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Remember that less is more when it comes to patterns, so stick to just one and make it stand out against the rest of your outfit.

8. Add a Sweater Coat

Another way to take your outfit to the next level is by adding a sweater coat. Sweater coats are versatile and fashionable since they come in so many styles. It is a great way to add some extra warmth to your outfit. 

add sweater coat
Img Src: Nayla

They are great for protecting you from the elements while also providing you with a layer of warmth. You can choose from a wide range of styles, from pea coats to heavier down jackets. There are also quilted and shawl-collared options.

Throwing on a chic sweater coat with a fur-trimmed hood over an oversized sweater in a neutral shade is a quick and easy way to add a luxury touch to your look.

9. Layer It Up

Oversized sweaters are a great layering piece, which means they can be worn under or over other pieces of clothing. However, while layering an oversized sweater be selective about what sorts of layers you choose and how much volume you add to each layer. 

layer sweater
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You can easily layer them up with your favorite tank tops, T-shirts, camisoles, and tanks underneath to create different looks. This will give you some variety in your wardrobe and allow you to experiment with different styles every day.

If you’re adding a jacket over your oversized knit sweater, try making this a more tailored piece. Like a good trench or peacoat that has a shape to it. Or even a great blazer. This allows you to add some shape even if you leave it open. 

layer it up
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Also, if you don’t want to add a blazer, try layering it up with a scarf, or a blouse. It is a great way to add some color and texture to your sweater and can make it more appropriate for business casual environments. 

10. Choose The Right Boot

The best way to take your outfit to the next level is by pairing your sweater with the right boot. There are many types of boots available, from ankle boots to knee-high boots.

sweater with boots
Img Src: Nayla

If you want an edgy look, you can try pairing your oversized sweater with a pair of lace-up boots or even ankle boots. You may also add some height to your frame to help elongate your legs and keep your oversized sweater from feeling like it’s taking over your body. 

sweater ankle boots
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When wearing skinny jeans, choose a sleek ankle bootie or knee-high boots to elongate even more. You can also pair your oversized sweater with chunky leather boots or wedge sneakers for an easy, yet stylish, way to finish off your outfit. 

11. Don’t Forget About the Accessories

While your sweater is the star of the show, don’t ignore your accessories!

sweater with accesories
Img Src: Meagan Brandon 

Accessories are an easy way to change up your outfit and make it more interesting. You can try wearing a pair of statement earrings or a chunky necklace with your sweater to add some style points!

If you’re feeling a little more formal or desire a polished look,  you can throw on a belt, or even better, a belt bag to complete your look. It will give more structure and shape to your outfit.

styling sweater
Img Src: Caitlyn Warakomski

While for those who prefer something more dressy, try adding a little sparkle to your wardrobe by pairing your favorite gold jewelry with an oversize sweater!

Wrapping Up: How To Style an Oversized Sweater Stylishly

That’s all! There are many ways to wear an oversized sweater, but the most important thing is how it makes you feel. It’s up to you to choose the right pattern, color, or shape. After all, it needs to complement the rest of your outfit and fit with your personal style.

From styling your sweater with chunky boots to dressing it down with sneakers, there’s a season and occasion for you to look pulled-together and chic, no matter how daring you want to get!

We hope you found this article helpful. Let us know in the comments how you like to wear your oversized sweater.

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