9 Modest Fashion Hacks That Will Make You Look Stunning

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Are you searching for some fashion hacks that can help you look your best while remaining modest? Then keep reading this article to find out about some easy modest fashion hacks that won’t let you down!

Most of the fashion labels showcase styles that are popular among many women but are not ideal for those who like modest clothing. They may find it more challenging to style their outfits modestly.

As a modest shopper, your outfit options may appear to be more restricted, but you can still buy at all of the same places as popular fashionistas do. The only provided thing you should know is a few hacks for customizing your outfits and making them totally modest.

9 Modest Fashion Hacks That Will Make You Look Stunning

Fashion is an excellent way to show your individuality, who you are, and your creativity. The same is true while looking for modest dresses; just because you love wearing modestly does not imply you can’t enhance your style.

Below are some modest fashion hacks that will help you rock the latest trends whilst still staying modest. 

1. Invest in Tank Tops

It goes without saying that if you have a top with a low or plunging neckline, the best thing you could do is layer it with a tank top or a vest top. And without a doubt, it does the job perfectly.

modest fashion hacks
Img Src: Noha Hamid

However, some people seem to find that adding layers could be excessively hot in the summer, and the extra layer of fabric will rouche and bobble up beneath, destroying your style.

modest fashion tricks
Img Src: O M A Y A Z E I N

Alternatively what you can do is purchase spaghetti crop tops that cover the exact area you want to conceal without looking bulky or making you uncomfortably sweaty.

2. Layering Slip Dresses

You may have a lot of stunning dresses with deep necklines or keyhole backs that simply need a bit of extra coverage on top. Rather than tossing these thin-strapped dresses, you can invest in a high-neck, long-sleeve thin undershirt.

modest layering hack
Img Src: O M A Y A Z E I N

I would recommend adding these undershirts in white or neutral colors to your collection so that they will match with the majority of your outfits. The material of these shirts is so soft and breathable that you can wear them even in the summer without feeling hot.

modest layering hacks
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

Another layering hack that you can try in winter is layering a chunky crop sweater over your dress for a fashionable and sophisticated look. It would appear that you have matched a satin skirt with a sweater, making you set to slay your winter look modestly.

3. Neck Covers

If you want to get a stylishly modest look without the discomfort and hassle of wearing too many-layered pieces, then this modest fashion hack is for you!

Neck covers are one of the simplest modest fashion hacks that you can try with open or wide neck tops. It is also a good option for all the hijabis who prefer the loose tie hijab style to wear this underneath their hijab, as it will provide them with more coverage.

neck cover hack
Img Src: Jaserah

With these detachable neck covers, you no longer need any extra layers in the scorching heat. It comes in a variety of colors and can perfectly blend with your outfit when tucked inside a coat, sweater, or top.

neck cover modest hack

It is made of a soft cotton jersey and is super comfy. You can get one for yourself here.

4. Shirt Extenders

When you can’t stop yourself from buying a cute top or shirt that’s a little bit short, you could use one of these modest fashion hacks to make it more modest.

Shirt Extenders
Img Src: farescollections

There are probably a bunch of cute dresses in your closet that are either uncomfortable to wear or a little shorter than you would prefer. In such a case, you can buy shirt extenders to extend the length of your favorite tops, making them more practical yet fashionable.

shirt modest hack
Img Src: farescollections

These shirt extenders are a fun and trendy way to add extra length to your shirt. They are lightweight and go well with pullovers, t-shirts, gym wear, and more.

modest shirt hack
Img Src: Hajar

It comes in a variety of styles, including casual for everyday looks as well as flowy for times you want to dress up a little more.

5. Ripped Jeans Patches

If you’ve been eyeing that great pair of torn jeans but don’t know how to wear them modestly, covering your skin, we’ve got your back! 

There’s an easy fix hack for you: Grab an iron-on denim patch pack from your nearest Walmart store or Amazon to fix your ripped denim.

iron on denim patches
Img Src: Amazon

It is a simple and quick way to add coverage. All you have to do is flip the jeans inside out and iron the patch on the back of the hole at 330°F. Press firmly for 20 seconds in a slow circular motion. Allow the denim patch to cool for 1 minute and check the bond.

If you want, you can even sew along the edges of the jeans patch to make the fix more permanent. These patches come in a range of denim colors to match your jeans.

Ripped denim HAck
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

So now that you know this hack, you don’t have to give up your favorite torn denim any longer.

Tip: Do not wash your denim before 24 hours otherwise the patch might come off.

6. Shop Mini Dress

When looking for modest clothing brands online, you won’t find as many choices available in the tops or shirts category.

Hence, instead you can go for this hack; you can look and shop for mini dresses that can also be worn as tops.

mini dress hack

You can find them in a broad range of collections since they come in light and bright textures, making them ideal for everyday wear.

To begin with, when buying a midi dress or skirt, always select a size larger than your typical size to ensure the maximum length and a modest fit.

fashion hack
Img Src: Jaserah

Next, pair your midi dress with similar slacks or trousers. It will not only cover your legs but also give you a more put-together look.

Lastly, during the winter fall season, you can also match your below-knee shorter skirts with high-knee boots for a more modest and classy look.

Modest boot hack
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

7. Wear V-Neck Top Backward

As the name suggests, the V-neck top features a low neckline. You may be hesitant to wear them without a layer underneath. However, there are easy and fashionable options for you to wear your V-neck tops without any layers and still look modest.

V neck top

These tops typically have a higher back, so you can just wear them backward to ensure that everything in the front is covered. Then you can throw a blazer over top of the t-shirt or a cardigan to achieve a more sophisticated look.

V neck hack
Img Src: omayazein

8. Arm Covers

Everyone has a few half-sleeved tops or t-shirts in their closet, which might make you feel a bit self-conscious about your arms. Even so, you’d want to wear them since they are trendy and comfortable.

half tees hack
Img Src: Little Black Hijab

So here’s what you can do with them to give a more modest look. You can purchase arm covers that will cover you from your wrist to your upper arms.

They go well with any kind of half-tees or tops, abayas with loose-fitting sleeves, and kaftan dresses. It makes it easy to cover your arms and does the job perfectly without anybody noticing you’re wearing them.

arm covers
Img Src: Noha Hamid

The best part is that they are made of a flexible fabric that is easy to put on. You can buy them in a variety of colors to go with any modest outfit.

9. White Pant Liners

White trousers or pants are one of the must-have clothing pieces in our wardrobe since they go with practically any outfit. Many of you may be reluctant to wear them since they could be see-through, which can spoil the overall look of a dress.

White Pant hack

For this, you can try these modest fashion hacks. You can either wear white leggings beneath, which works well for many people, or if you find it excessively constricting to have a thick layer below, you can go for pant liners.

White Pant hack 1
Img Src: Hajra

These pant liners are thin and made of a non-sheer material, so you can wear them under any white pants without being bothered by the transparency.

white pants modest hack
Img Src: Mawadda Tak

That brings us to the end. With these simple modest fashion hacks, you can easily modify any outfit and look stunning in no time.

Finding a perfect outfit can be difficult, but with knowing few hacks, it can be a breeze. You just need to know how to style them to dress modestly. 

Do you have any other modest fashion hacks that aren’t on our list? Tell us in the comments section below 

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