Modest Clothing: Comfort, Style and Confidence

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Modest clothing is a notion that has long been associated with Islamic philosophy and values. However, people’s attitudes have changed throughout time.

It is no longer merely a tradition, but much more. It gives you a sense of self-assurance and makes you feel at ease in your own skin. It accomplishes the goal of being fashionable without abandoning modesty or one’s religious belief. 

Let us have a look at what modest clothing is all about.

What Does the Term “Modest Clothing” Mean?

Modest clothing simply means covering yourself in a dignified manner, which includes wearing a dress that is not too tight to reveal your body characteristics and one that is not see-through. Modest clothing rather calls for looser, and more relaxed fits.

This does not imply you should wear baggy, unattractive clothes! One can still choose suitable attire that is casually stylish and elegant while remaining comfortable and confident.

Modest clothing girl

Modest clothing is now evident at numerous high-end boutiques, where the shelves are loaded with maxi dresses, wide-legged pants, trousers, etc. It shows how women are choosing comfort while being in their modest zone.

It’s clear how popular modest clothing has grown in recent years. This is largely due to top fashion designers that have given special attention to modest fashion, by launching conservative lines in both men’s and women’s clothing.

So after everything that’s been said and done, let us understand why modest fashion is causing such a stir throughout the globe.

The Trend in Modest Fashion

The word “modest fashion” is no longer an ambiguous term. This shift in modesty is now supported by people all across the world. According to a recent survey, web searches for modest clothing have grown by 90%.

It has been embraced by a large number of brand houses, with some designers dedicating their entire label to fashion-conscious modest dressers.

Different factors have contributed to this rising trend in the modest fashion industry. Some of them are listed below.

1. Acceptance by Renowned Brands

The debut of a modest sportswear line, including sports hijab, by the global sports retailer Nike in 2017 resulted in a huge success. Following that, they debuted their modest swimwear line, which featured women dressed in hijab in their advertising campaign.

Due to such participation from well-known companies, modest fashion has become more acceptable on larger platforms.

2. Social Media Influencers

The emergence of modest fashion has been aided in large part by social media. Many fashion bloggers promote their own fashion style on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Social media modest influencer

With the rise of social media, we’ve realized that modest clothing isn’t only for Muslims. Many women, including designers, have gained visibility on social media by showing their confident but relaxed approach to modern-day dressing trends.

3. Style

Modest fashion has grown appealing with various styles and fabrics utilized, which attracts people and makes them more open-minded to this fashion. It is made to be adaptable and can be worn on any occasion.

You can always style your modest attire with different accessories to create a fresh appearance each time you wear it.

We can confidently predict that the modest trend isn’t going away anywhere soon. With modest fashion, you can enhance your inner beauty and boost your confidence every single day.

Whether you may be off to impress customers at work, lazing around the home, or going shopping with your girlfriends on a fun ladies’ day out, whatever you’re up to, modest clothing has and will always have your back, literally and metaphorically!

Finally, we can loudly say modest fashion is all you need.

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