9 Easy Hijab Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Are you looking for some quick hijab hacks? Then you are at the right place!

Hijabis often struggle to find the perfect hijab or to style it in a way that makes us look good. We’ve all had that experience where our hijab gets messed up when we have a hectic day or a function to attend.

From continuously losing your hijab pin to messing up with the hijab bun or slipping off the hijab, the list of struggles goes on. So, to spare yourself the hassle, here are some quick hijab hacks to ensure that you never have another bad hijab day.

9 Easy Hijab Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are a few hijab tips that might save you a lot of time. In this article, we’ll go through 9 easy hijab hacks that will make your life easier.

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1. Adding Perfect Volume to Hijab Bun

Wearing a hijab with volume is a popular hijab style among women all over the world, creating the impression of your hair being in a large bun hidden beneath the hijab cloth.

While you may get that look by tying your hair up in a high bun or ponytail, this can usually result in an unappealing shape to your overall hijab.

volumizing hijab
Img Src: Jaserah

So instead you may try this hijab hack; invest in volumizing scrunchies, which work wonders in creating a well-rounded shape to your bun while giving a subtle lift.

To use it, just put your hair in a bun, fasten it with a hair tie or claw clip, and then wrap this scrunchie around your bun for more volume. You can buy scrunchies in either nude or white colors as it goes well with any light-colored hijabs.

hijab scrunchies
Img Src: Little Black Hijab

This hijab scrunchie trick is life-changing because it adds exactly the correct amount of volume without looking overdone!

2. Under Cap Hijab Hack

An under cap is basically a tube under a scarf that is worn underneath before wrapping a hijab. It is a great way to prevent your hijab from sliding. However, not everyone owns hijab caps, thus there is an easy hack for them to consider.

hijab hacks
Img Src: Valenci Hijab

Hack 1: You can use any lightweight scarf that is short in length and fold it in half lengthwise before wrapping it over your head. Then, grab both ends and crisscross them at the back, folding them in such a manner that it covers your head like a cap.

Lastly, fix it on the head with a bobby pin and tie the hijab over it as usual.

You can check out the tutorial for the same below.

This hack is quite useful since, unlike regular hijab cap, which tend to get loose, wearing it this way will keep the hijab in place for hours without falling apart. With this trick, you can wear your hijab more neatly without looking clunky.

Hack 2: Also for days when you can’t find a hijab cap, there’s an another simple hijab hack for you.

You can use a pair of any old black tights or stockings! Cut the ends of it and wear it like a tube cap, and you’re done. Nobody would notice that you aren’t wearing your usual one.

hijab hacks
Img Src: Veiled Collection

3. Match the Color of You Hijab Pins With Your Hijab

Don’t we all wish our pins matched our hijabs? We’ve all seen how a little pin can make or break a hijab look. Nobody wants to be seen wearing a white hijab with red or pink color pins all over their heads

Img Src: The Modern Hijabi

To avoid such embarrassment, you can go for this hijab hack. Instead of buying all different hues of pins, you may get your hands only on white hijab pins. Then, grab the nail paint of the same color as your headscarf, apply it to those white pins. 

And that is all. Knowing this, you won’t have to go around looking for matching hijab pins every time. 

4. Avoid Hijab Rips With Rubber Earrings Screws

We all die a little inside every time a safety pin gets stuck in one of our favourite headscarves and tears little holes in it. Fortunately, there is a smart trick to prevent this.

hijab trick
Img Src: culturehijab

All you have to do is simply insert one of the clear rubber bits located on the back of any earring into the safety pin before using it. This will preserve the fabric and keep rips at bay. Also, to conceal the rubber back, you can embellish the pin with tassels or a chain.

These rubber earing fasteners can also be used as stoppers at the ends of long pins. This prevents them from becoming blunt or stabbing you in the head owing to their length.

5. Use a Hair Straightener To Crease out the Wrinkles

A wrinkled hijab is not something you want to wear out. There are times when your hijab has to be ironed but you can’t be bothered to get out the ironing board, or perhaps you’ve already put it on without seeing the wrinkled edges, so what can you do?

Video Src: Jasmine Fares

There’s really, however, a simple hijab workaround for this. Just heat up your hair straightener at low temperature and delicately iron out the edges of your hijab. and you are all set!

Another tip that you can try is to dampen your scarf slightly and place it in the dryer for a few minutes while you finish getting dressed, or you can also blow-dry it! It will leave your hijab wrinkle free.

6. Make a DIY Hijab Organizer

Being a hijabi, you may find it difficult to organize your hijabs, especially if you have a large number of them. There are several hijab organizers, drawers, and racks available, but if you don’t want to spend money on them, you can try this DIY hijab hack.

hijab hack diy
Img Src: S I N C E R E L Y H I N A

To make an easy-to-use hijab organizer, all you need is a hanger and a box of shower curtain rings. Put these rings in the hanger to make as many divisions as you need.

The best part is that you won’t have to waste time folding your Hijabs. You can effortlessly put them on the rings and take the ones you need out. It will make it easier for you to pick the desired scarf among the piles of hijabs in your closet.

7. Store Hijab Pins Using Pin Cushion

We understand that pins can be annoying and troublesome at times. They can, however, be a big help in keeping your hijab in place! Needless to say, we can also relate to how our hijab pins mysteriously vanishes from the place we have kept it.

hijab pin cushion
Img Src: Dhurata Davies Patterns

To avoid this, place your pins on market-available pin cushions rather than in a bowl. If you don’t have one, you can use a small teddy bear or a large canvas to poke your pins into instead.

8. Use Fabric Dryer Sheets

It is true that one hijab can go with a variety of outfits. But what if you need to wash it? How many times will you switch your clothes to find one that matches your hijab? That is why you can use easily available fabric dryer sheets.

fabric dryer sheets
Img src: Amazon
Buy Here

You can slip an unused dryer sheet in your hijab drawer for a mild, fresh scent. This way your hijabs will always smell fresh like they just came out of the dryer. And you don’t have to wash your hijabs all the time.

It is usually a good idea to keep some fabric softener wipes on hand. These fabric dryer sheets come in a variety of scented varieties. You can buy your preferred scent from Amazon or any local store for this hijab freshening hack.

9. Wear Hijab That Suit Your Skin Tone

Every hijabi requires no-fail solid hijabs that fit flawlessly and can be easily tossed on days when you don’t have time to worry.

Choosing the right hijab is a bit struggle. Although, it totally depends on your skin complexion and undertones.

Light Skin Tone – Hijabs with deeper or bolder hues look great on light skin tones. As a result, basic black is usually the surest bet for them.

fair skin tone
Img Src: Jasmine Fares

Medium Skin Tone – People with medium skin tones (both cool and warm undertones) look best in neutral shades.  You may stock up on hijabs in ivory, beige, taupe, camel, and other nude colors.

medium skin tone
Img Src: Haute Hijab

Dark Skin Tone– Girls with dark skin tones are extremely fortunate since their distinctive and versatile skin tone allows them to wear practically any color hijab. However, colors that are near to your skin tone should be avoided since they may blend.

dark skin tone
Img Src: culturehijab

By understanding your skin’s tones and undertones, you can avoid wearing a hijab that washes out your complexion.

Summing Up: Hijab Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

That’s all. These are a few hijab hacks that can undoubtedly help you in avoiding some of the common hijab struggles.

You can make use of the above mentioned tips and say ‘Goodbye’ to the days of constantly fixing your hijab throughout the day!

Let us know in the comments if you have any additional hijab hacks!

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