7 Different Ways To Style Your Palazzo Pants

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Are you looking for different ways to style your palazzo pants? Then this article is perfect for you!

Palazzo pants are a wide-leg, loose-fitting bottom that is typically made from lightweight fabrics. Their loose cut flatters women of all ages and body types. The fact that they have wide legs allows the material to swirl as you move about, making you look graceful.

Palazzo pants are among the few clothing options that may be worn to nearly every occasion, including work, shopping, parties, and even weddings.

It’s not surprising, given how few clothes can compete with the degree of comfort and elegance packed into these pants.

There are some super stylish ideas that you can recreate to pull off the perfect palazzo look. In this article, we’ll show you how to style with palazzo pants your different tops.

7 Different Ways To Style Your Palazzo Pants

Here’s the table of content to help you jump to the section you are interested in.

  1. Palazzo Pants and T-Shirt
  2. Palazzo Pants and Shirt
  3. Palazzo Pants and Kurti
  4. Palazzo Pants and Denim Jacket
  5. Palazzo Pants and Long Tops
  6. Ankara Palazzo Pants and Jumpsuit
  7. Palazzo Pants and Blazers

1. Palazzo Pants and T-Shirt

Pairing your palazzo pants with a t-shirt is the easiest way to wear them. It’s a sure-fire method to avoid going overboard with your palazzo style and keep things casual.

palazzo with t shirt
Img Src: M A R I A M 

T-shirts and palazzo pants are casual outfits that may be worn to any informal event. When you style your t-shirt with patterned or striped palazzo pants, you have got yourself a knockout look.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the color of your t-shirt complements your palazzo pants. Depending on whether you’re going to the beach or work, you may wear a different type of top or t-shirt with palazzo pants.

Basic T-shirt

A simple plain t-shirt can actually look all suited up when paired with some palazzo pants and a long shrug. When you need a quick outfit, a basic t-shirt in any color is a must-have.

style your palazzo pants
Img Src: Mawadda Tak

If you’re not in the mood for accessories, this style will undoubtedly be added to your list of favorite attire.

White T-shirt

A white t-shirt is a go-to choice that will look great with any palazzo pants. You can wear a white t-shirt with beige palazzo pants and pair it with black shoes for a stunning yet modest look.

palazzo pants with tshirt
Img Src: mrs_palazzo

On the other hand, wearing a white t-shirt with blue pleated pants will give you a light and airy style. Simply add a pair of nude heeled sandals and a brown leather belt to complete the look. This attire looks simple and pleasant.

Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

Wondering how to style your palazzo pants with a long-sleeved tee? You can rock this style by pairing your striped palazzo pants with a long-sleeved shirt and getting that exquisite look.

palazzo pant with long sleeve tshirt
Img Src: M A R I A M 

This outfit not only keeps you modest but also helps you seem fashionable and contemporary. You may pair it with a purse or a sling bag.

Graphic T-shirt

Graphic tees are frequently worn with jeans. However, you can pair your graphic t-shirt with palazzo pants to give your outfit a casual vibe.

palazzo with graphic tee
Img Src: M A R I A M

Wearing a graphic t-shirt is one of the finest ways to express your personality via clothing. It’s one of those pieces of apparel that will make you stand out in a crowd.

2. Palazzo Pants and Shirt

Wearing palazzo pants with a formal or striped shirt can make you look fashionable and elegant. This outfit combo is appropriate for the office, business meetings, church, and other formal occasions.

palazzo pant with shirt

For a feminine look, you can style the palazzo pants with the white chiffon button-up shirt. Wear nude pumps and a black clutch bag to add a little bit of color to this monochrome outfit.

As this style can never go wrong, you can make it more fascinating by adding your accessories. To give more punch to this look, add a pair of sunglasses.

3. Palazzo Pants and Kurti

Long Kurtis with palazzo pants are quite trendy as it gives your outfit a desi feel. Even though both the kurta and the palazzo are long and flowing, they go perfectly well together.

palazzo pant with kurti
Img Src: Saba Ibrahim

A chikankari outfit looks stunning when paired with flared white palazzo pants. You can wear a classic yellow, orange, or even crimson dupatta as a delicate drape over your dress for a wonderful touch. It gives the outfit a beautiful ethnic feel.

Long Kurtis with palazzo pants forms an irresistible and effective combo. You can accessorize with ethnic jewelry to complete your final look.

4. Palazzo Pants and Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are versatile pieces that can be worn with practically anything. For a cool and casual appearance, pair your palazzo pants and t-shirt with a denim jacket that goes halfway down your hips.

Palazzo pant with denim jacket
Img Src: Mawadda Tak

To keep the vibe casual, you can wear sneakers as they are quite comfy and look classy. You can also add a beautiful scarf to your attire for an effortlessly stylish and modest look.

This is a basic outfit that you may mix and match with different tops each time.

5. Palazzo Pants and Long Tops

A palazzo with a long top may be the perfect choice for you if you want to play a modest and elegant fashion game. A palazzo pant with a long top can add dimension to your outfit.

palazzo pant with long top
Img Src: iam.abygirl

You can also wear a corded belt over the long top to give a touch of glitz to your attire. This palazzo style would look beautiful with minimal accessories such as a choker necklace, a sling bag, or a scarf.

You can wear this outfit to work on days when you don’t want to be restricted by formal attire.

6. Ankara Palazzo Pants and Jumpsuit

Prints will never go out of style! The next big thing in the realm of prints is the Ankara high-waist palazzo. This style exudes positive, dynamic energy, which uplifts the wearers’ and other people’s moods.

ankara jumpsuit
Img Src: Ankara remmies

This Ankara palazzo jumpsuit styles are quite trendy now.  All you have to do is match them with a similar-patterned top and tuck them in. You may dress it up or down with this outfit.

To add just the right amount of glam, style it with a waist belt and sunglasses. This palazzo pant is a great alternative for those who want to exhibit themselves in a fashionable yet modest way.

8. Palazzo Pants and Blazers

Combining the trendiest blazers with palazzo pants is a great way to introduce formality and structure to your attire. While they are mostly worn in formal settings, you can also style them casually.

palazzo pant with blazers
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

Since Palazzo pants add volume to the body, it’s important to consider what else you pair with them. Particularly, for a blazer, choose a slim-fitting blazer that fits fairly close to your body.

Plaid blazers, both regular or oversized, are quite trendy. You can style your white or beige checkered blazers with light-brown or grey Palazzo pants. This look goes well when paired together.

Here we come to the end of our list! Now that you know how to style with palazzo pants your different tops. Don’t you think it’s time to replace your favorite denim with palazzo pants? We would say that it certainly is.

If you haven’t purchased yet, we recommend that you do so immediately; you will not be disappointed! They will soon become one of your favorites.

Let us know which palazzo style you prefer in the comments section below!

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