5 Modern Trendy Dress That Every Muslimah Must Own This Year

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Are you on the lookout for modern trendy dresses to experiment with this year? This article discusses different modest clothing ideas for Muslimah who want to stay covered yet remain trendy.

Fashion trends may look similar across the globe, but when it comes to Modest fashion inclinations, you’ll notice a difference. Because nobody has the exact same kind of fashion sense.

Regardless, the fabulous thing about trendy modest clothing is that there’s always something for everyone. 

It has now become incredibly simple to develop your own modest style and put together stylish attire without breaking a sweat.

Modern Trendy Dress That Every Muslimah Must Own This Year

The modest fashion trend is all about finding the right balance of elegance and style. If you disagree, then you should look at these top modern trendy dresses that you will undoubtedly want to wear.

Here are a few trendy wardrobe staples that may be effortlessly turned into stylish outfits, and you will not have to search far!

1. Pleated Skirt

The long pleated skirt is a style that often comes and goes, but it is now a highly popular trend. Pleated skirts are an excellent addition to your modest wardrobe and may give a whole new depth to your regular wear.

modern trendy dress muslimah
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

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The current trends show it being worn in a variety of ways, from street style to elegant looks. They are available in a variety of materials, including chiffons, velvets, and knitted fabrics.

You can choose any pleated skirt design that flatters your figure and fits comfortably. With these beautiful flowing skirts in your closet, you can easily put together any modest trendy attire.

Pleated skirts are as versatile as they can be. Whether you’re getting ready for a busy day at work or simply hanging out with your gal buddies, these skirts will come to your rescue. 

2. Open Abaya

Abayas have witnessed significant fashion upgrades throughout the years. From classic unstructured, loose-fitting designs to embroidered embellishments, ruffled detailing, and edgy styles,  Abayas are becoming trendy to wear for anyone who wishes to remain modest.

open abayas
Img Src: Hajra

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You may stock up on a variety of Abayas designs to help you build a wardrobe full of modern trendy dresses. In the realm of modest fashion, open Abaya jackets are the latest “it” style.

The recent addition to the modest clothing trends is the cape-like Abaya. This Abaya design provides just the appropriate amount of coverage to your existing modest attire.

The casual open style abaya is also popular and super comfy. To get an elegant and minimalistic style, you can put a long dress beneath and an Abaya jacket over it.

If you are a college student, open-style Abayas are a great way to get that street-style vibe.

3. Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is another popular trend this season when it comes to trendy modest clothing. It is a favorite option among many modest influencers.

Shirt dresses are great clothing items that not only look beautiful but also provide you with comfort and ease. They are available in a range of styles to suit every girl’s preferences.

modest trendy shirt dress
Img Src: Mawadda Tak

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There’s the maxi shirt dress and the midi shirt dress, both of which may be worn with pants beneath. There’s also the puffier shirt dress, which has front buttons and shirt-like sleeves.

You may take the style to the next level by opening it in the front and wearing it totally as a cardigan. This way you can mix up the look by adding more dimension and flare to your outfit.

On a casual day, you don’t need frills, ruffles, and layers of lace to appear feminine. A simple piece like this may do the job well without compromising your comfort, style, and modesty.

4. Empire Waist Dress

An empire waist dress is a fine choice for a modern trendy look. A long dress with an empire waist makes for the ultimate no-frills choice for casual gatherings when you just want to dress up and go. They are easy to put on and require minimal effort.

hijabi modest dress
Img Src: Mawadda Tak

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Empire waist dress can help to accentuate your waist in a modest way.  While this dress style is attractive on its own, bold accessories such as sparkling clips and stacked necklaces will give you an extra wow factor.

Empire line gowns are usually long and airy. It’s also one of the comfortable trendy modest clothing alternatives available. The dresses are often made of lightweight material that allows you to breathe and move freely.

For a free-spirited fall style, pair sleeveless empire waist dresses with long cardigans. These dresses have a breezy bohemian vibe to them and go well with any style of footwear and dangling earrings.

5. Culottes

Culotte pants are cropped, wide-leg pants that are popular in modest clothing. You must invest in a pair of empowering culottes.

They are ideal for your professional hijab office wear collection since they are more casual and not form-fitting.

formal culottes
Img Src: Imane Asry

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Culottes may be suited up by pairing a shirt with them. For a more refined style, use an oversized blazer or a jacket. Choose a more tailored top if you’re wearing a voluminous bottom. This will add a perfect dimension to your minimal attire.

The best part about culottes is that they are an excellent transitional piece from office hours to after-hours! All you have to do is switch out the top you’re wearing and you’re ready to go.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of the list! These are some of the modern trendy dresses which a Muslimah may want to add to her closet.

Regardless of your preferred style, spicing up your outfits while being trendy and modest is easier today than it was prior.

Try experimenting with some wacky asymmetric cuts to add visual interest, or enhance your abaya game with a pair of gorgeous patterns and lace embroidery.

All you need are a few key items with a dash of creativity, and modest clothes can be as chic as you want them to be! So, are you ready to give your closet a stylish and trendy makeover? Go ahead and do it—we’ve got your back!

Tell us in the comments which modern trendy dress you’re most excited to try on.

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