15 Top Modest Swimwear Brands You Should Know About

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Do you enjoy swimming but struggle to find modest swimwear? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we take a look at some of the top modest swimwear brands out there that you should certainly know about.

Dressing modestly has become a lifestyle for many and going to the beach or the swimming pool is one of those occasions where you want to be able to dress comfortably and cover up.

There are numerous styles and modest swimwear brands available on the market today—ranging from classic to cute, elegant, and modest, with a variety of price options too. There’s always something that you can choose from!

15 Top Modest Swimwear Brands You Should Know About

Previously, modest swimwear was not a shopping category brimming with options for those looking for it. However, with modest fashion becoming a fast-growing phenomenon, finding modest swimwear has become simpler than ever.

When it comes to full coverage swimsuits, you know the drill: you’ll have to compromise style for functionality. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you. We’ve compiled a list of the best modest swimwear brands for you that are both functional and fashionable.

1. Lanuuk Swimwear

Lanuuk is one of the best modest swimwear brand that was born out of a shared desire to make full-coverage swimwear that doesn’t compromise on femininity, style, quality, or comfort.

modest swim brands
Img Src: Lanuuk Swimwear

Lanuuk’s swimwear set features exquisite cuts, shields you from the sun, and adds a layer of confidence to your look. Their collection is made to fit a wide range of body types, so everyone can enjoy their products without having to worry about exposure or feeling uncomfortable!

The collection includes everything from long-sleeved rashguards to feminine swimwear with tiered detailing to a loose-fitting swim dress with an attached hood. Moreover, the fabric used is light and dries quickly after being wet – even while wearing it!

2. Lyra Swim

You can start your search for modest swimwear brands with Lyra Swim, which is based in the UK. They have a large selection of items in a variety of styles and sizes.

best modest swimwear brands
Img Src: Lyra Swimwear

Their swimsuits are composed of a chlorine-resistant fabric that is built to last, holding its form and color even after hundreds of wears and washes.

You can find fashionable burkinis, modest swimsuits, and two-piece sets that are UPF 50+ certified, which means they block 98 percent of UV rays, so you can relax knowing your skin is safe from sun damage while spending time at the beach or pool.

modest swimwear brands
Img Src: Lyra Swimwear

The Lyra swimwear brand also provides you with swim leggings, modest beach trousers, swim hijabs, and other swim accessories like swim turbans, and tie-knot caps with a non-slip edge that is perfect for all hijabis like you!

3. Swijabi Swimwear

Swijabi is your one-stop store for the best modest swimwear that you’ve been looking for. The brand offers a variety of modest burkini, two-piece outfits made of high-quality breathable cloth that keeps you cool in the sun.

modest swimwear stores
Img Src: Swijabi

Polkadot swimsuit is one of their best-selling pieces, as it shows off the fresh, stylish side of mixing patterns and colors for a whimsical effect. It’s made to give you the best swimming experience with a classy and trendy look.

Their swimsuit package features two pieces: a fitting bodysuit with back zip and an external skirt with a side closure for more coverage, making it ideal for a day at the pool or on the shore.

4. Shelline Swimwear

Shelline swimwear is a personal favorite modest swimwear company of ours, having styles that are both unique and modest.

shelline shop
Img Src: Shelline

The majority of the swimsuits zip up to form a jumpsuit and have a beautiful wrap-around detachable skirt. The skirt is long and has an elasticated waist to give you the right coverage.

Whether you choose modest swimwear that covers your shoulders or one that covers your entire body, their tunic dress is yet another perfect outfit for your beach day.

modest swimwear companies
Img Src: Shelline

It has a two-layer fabric and an internal zipper, making life easier for nursing moms.  It also comes with a Swimming hijab that fits properly around the head and neck, offering reliable and complete hair covering.

5. Modanisa

Modanisa is an online retailer based in Turkey that sells a wide range of modest clothing for women. It is well known for its modest tunic sets and flowy dresses, but they also have a huge selection of swimwear.

modanisa swimwear
Img Src: Modanisa

Shopping for swimwear on this site is easy because of the variety of styles available, including anything from half-coverage swimsuits to full-coverage burkinis, which means there’s something for everyone.

The best part is that this brand’s pricing is very reasonable, making Modanisa a great alternative for anyone looking to get more bang for their buck.

6. Nike Modest Victory Swim Collection

If you’re looking for a high-performance modest swimsuit that can take you from the pool to the beach and back again, look no further than Nike’s Modest Victory Swim Collection.

This activewear brand has introduced the Victory 2.0 collection, a series of full coverage, performance swimwear meant to empower women in the water.

nike modest swim collection
Img Src: Nike Swim

The modest swimwear consists of a tunic and leggings with a built-in hijab that has fitted sleeves and mesh vents. With this launch, female athletes will be able to dive into the water, swim, and body-surf a wave without having to struggle to keep their hijab in place.

The minimalist designs aren’t just for style points—they’re also created with performance in mind. The fabric provides UPF 30+ sun protection to keep your skin safe from the sun.

nike modest swimwear
Img Src: Nike Swim

These features, however, come at a price. It may be worthwhile for athletes, but not for casual swimmers.

7. Mykini Swim Brand

Laila el Kaderi created Mykiny Brand in 2015 and is based in Amsterdam. This brand offers refined swimwear that exudes beauty and elegance while being modest.

mykini swim brand
Img Src: Mykini Brand

With Mykini swim dresses, you will feel free to dive in and swim to your heart’s content, knowing that you have selected a swim dress that is trendy, comfortable, modest, of the highest quality, and fits well.

The swimsuit dresses are available in monochromatic colors ranging from black to bright mauve, with the label leaning toward minimalism. This swimwear line will ensure that you look your best and finest during all of your swimming activities.

8. Seri Sorelle Swimwear

Sei Sorelle Swimwear was founded by six sisters to create beautifully designed and sustainably made modest swimwear. This clothing brand strongly believes in slow, mindful production, using sustainable methods that generate less waste.

Sei Sorelle Swimwear brand
Img Sc: Sei Sorelle Swimwear

They have divided their swim collection into three categories; the first is the Aiyla swimsuit, which is mid-thigh length and gives that extra modesty the confidence to swim, exercise, trek, and do a variety of other activities!

The next one in their collection is Hana flowy dress. It’s a skater-style dress with a beautiful pleated skirt that creates a flattering shape. Zuria is the last one, and it is more than just swimwear. It’s a flexible relaxed-fit swim dress with wide-leg trousers that can be worn in a variety of ways!

sei sorella
Img Src: Sei Sorelle Swimwear

Each style has been carefully made to guarantee that when you look in the mirror, you not only feel your best but also know that the swimsuit has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure that it is also functional.

9. Maya Square

Maya Square, the best modest swimwear brand founded by Mariem Mezlini and based in Montreal, is committed to providing shoppers with affordable options. The overall aesthetic of the brand is undeniably feminine, with flowing silhouettes and floral patterns on them.

maya square
Img Src: mayasquare

The label’s swimsuits are priced below $100 and are available in a variety of colors including blue, green, yellow, and maroon for those looking for a splash of color for their swim outfits

You can take a look at their designs, which are fairly priced and trendy, making them perfect for any trip when you don’t want to go too beachy but yet want to be stylish and make a statement

10. Hydro Swimwear

Hydro Swimwear brand focuses not only on modest swimwear but also on investment pieces as well. They feature a wide selection of items, so you can find something to fit your style, regardless of your preferences.

hydro swim brand
Img Src: Hydro Swimwear

Their two-piece swimsuit features a wrap top with basic straight pants that will fit your figure flawlessly in a flattering yet loose shape.

Alternatively, you can also go for their tight pants and a loose top swim outfit that includes an inside button that attaches the pants and top to keep them from rising up in the water.

hydro swimwear brand
Img Src: Hydro Swimwear

The brand likewise ensures that you have all of the other accessories you need, like a headpiece or towel cover-ups, for a full modest beach look. Lastly, as this fabric is chlorine resistant, it’s great for swimming laps or doing other aquatic sports.

11. Madamme BK

Lourenco created Madamme BK Paris in 2011, and with it, the creation of what she regards as haute couture coverage. 

This high-fashion swimwear label strives to strike a balance between luxury and practicality while refusing to sacrifice comfort. They offer a variety of trendy alternatives to suit a variety of tastes.

madamme bk
Img Src: MADAMME BK Paris

While black dominates the collection, it also contains various vibrant colors to flatter every skin tone. Each swimsuit has a dress with the front belt twist detail over slim-fit leggings and a matching headcover.

12. Munamer Swimwear

Munamer is the vision of an Italian high-end fashion designer who set out to create modest clothing for fashion-forward, fun-loving Muslim ladies. It is derived from Muna, Arabic for desire, and Mer, French for sea, hence Munamer signifies sea desire.

munamer swimwear
Img Src: Munamer

The brand’s burkinis mainly include a digital block print normal fit top with long sleeves, a printed head cover, and a high rise legging, all of which are made in Italy and marketed as luxury modest swimwear.

Munamar uses high-quality Polyester/Spandex fabric that is soft to the touch, comfy and allows for a lot of movement. All in all, if you’re looking for a swimsuit choice that is both stylish and modest, this is the swimwear brand for you.

13. Azya Swimwear

Azya Swimwear, situated in Australia, is next on our list of brands you should know about. This modest swimwear store is designed for active women who want covering and comfort while maintaining an enhanced sense of style.

They are possibly best known for their swim tunics, which come with a beautiful waist belt. It comes in three lengths: above the knee, midi, and maxi-length. It meets the needs of all women who want different amounts of coverage.

azya swim
Img Src: Azya Swim

They are made of premium material that is suitable for both swimming and athleisure, allowing for a seamless transition between water activities and workouts.

It delivers the perfect blend of compression and comfort so that women who wear this brand look and feel their best.

14. Shemsi Swimwear

With the beginning of summer just around the corner, the Muscari collection from Shemsi is a must-have for your wardrobe. This modest swim brand was created in order to provide a French design that was both unique and of high quality.

Img Src: Shemsi Swimwear

The covering swimsuit is available in three different variants: black, two-tone, and a more colorful option for those who prefer it. It comes with a skirt to hide the suit’s bottom and can be knotted with adjustable laces to fit various body shapes

15. SIYA Swimwear

SIYA is a modest swimwear collection designed for women who wish to feel covered while yet looking fashionable. This label was founded by designer Yassine in 2018, and she has since been aiming to create the most luxurious fabrics possible in her swimsuit designs to date.

siya swimwear
Img Src: SIYA Swimwear

These styles are a highlighted blend of four separate patterns that includes North, East, South, and West collections. It features a swim bodysuit with long, three-quarter, short, and flared sleeves. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Wrapping Up: Modest Swimwear Brands You Should Know About

That was it! If you’re looking for modest swimwear, any of the brands featured in this blog could be just what you’re looking for.

Of course, the list does not include all modest swimwear brands, but it does include a significant number, and it’s always going to grow. Wearing modest clothing isn’t a trend by any means, but it’s one that’s not going away anytime soon.

Let us know in the comments which modest swimwear brands best meet your needs.

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