10 Little-Known Ways To Make the Perfume Last Longer

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Who wouldn’t want to smell great all day? Perfume can help you feel more confident and appealing. They are available in various types of fragrances and styles ranging from basic floral or citrus fragrances to spicy oriental scents.

Perfume possesses a unique power: it is one of the few keys which may open and invite you into a memory, with a single note-taking you to a certain place, event, individual, or time period. It can become your identity, creating an unforgettable imprint for others to remember you.

how to make the perfume last longer

Wearing your favorite fragrance will undoubtedly help, but you may have observed that many fragrances wear off by midday. This is most likely because you are not applying your perfume in the right way. 

10 Little-Known Ways To Make the Perfume Last Longer

Most people are unaware that there are recommended practices and tricks for applying scents through which you can ensure your perfume stays a bit longer. 

In this article, we’ll go over some easy tricks and the best ways for extending the longevity of your favorite perfume.

1. Spray Perfume on Your Pulse Points

There is a functional reason why it is suggested to apply perfume to our pulse spots such as the insides of our wrists and elbows, behind our ears, on our neck, the back of our knees, and so on. In such areas, the skin is the thinnest, indicating that it is closest to your blood and body heat.

spraying perfume on pulse points

All of your pulse spots function as mini-radiators. As fragrance reacts to heat, applying it to your pulse points can help you release scent all through the day.

Tip: Remember not to rub your wrists together after spraying perfume; this can cause the fragrance to fade faster than intended, and your fragrance will not linger for as long.

2. Apply Vaseline to Your Skin Before Spraying Perfume

If your skin is extremely dry, apply a small amount of Vaseline to your pulse points before spraying your perfume.

Apply vaseline before spray

The petroleum jelly ointment will function as an extra moisturizing lock, keeping the perfume on your skin longer and better than if you sprayed it on dry skin.

3. Moisturize Your Skin With an Unscented Body Lotion

If you want the perfume to last longer, you’ll need something that will help it stick. Moisturizers work well as a base for perfume, much as primers do as a base for foundation.

moisturize skin with lotion

It is necessary to properly hydrate and moisturize the skin before applying perfume. Because if your skin is dry, the perfume will just evaporate and leave you with a headache.

So, before you spray on your perfume, rub some unscented lotion onto your skin. As oilier skin absorbs fragrance for a longer period of time, it is a good idea to invest in a moisturizer for dry skin for maximum lasting power.

4. Apply Perfume on Your Hairbrush

The scent of the perfume lasts considerably longer in the hair than it does on the skin. Directly spraying an alcohol-based fragrance into your hair, on the other hand, can cause it to dry out.

So, it’s far better to spritz some of your favorite scents onto your hairbrush and then rub it through your hair. This will help to keep your hair smelling fresh throughout the day.

hair perfume

By putting the fragrance in your brush, you can enjoy the perfume without inflicting harm to your hair. If you’re still concerned, you may choose to use hair perfume or hair fragrances that are specifically created for hair to help it smell nicer and keep it fresh in between washes.

Tip- Spray fragrance only on newly washed hair, as the natural oils in your hair might interfere with your perfume’s scent.

5. Layer Your Perfumes

By layering fragrances, you can create your own custom scent. Spray a few scent blotters with different skin oil and fragrances and smell them together to determine whether they complement each other.

layer your perfumes

Once you’ve found a combo you like, test it on your skin; the oils in your skin can change the way a perfume smells. To avoid the first perfume overpowering the second one, always spray the stronger scent first and then top it with the lighter scents.

Layering your perfume may intensify the scent while also keeping your skin hydrated, allowing both fragrances to stay longer.

6. Apply Fragrance After the Shower

Showering hydrates the skin, which helps the perfume scent to last for more couple of hours. One of the best ways to make your perfume last longer is to spray it right after you get out of the shower. 

apply fragrance after shower

The damp skin will seal in the perfume, and because your pores are the most open at this moment, the scent will absorb into your skin and radiate throughout the day.

To achieve the best results, avoid getting dressed right after, since this may cause perfume to rub off. So, give the scent a few minutes to dry. This will help keep the fragrance from ruining your most delicate garments, or jewelry.

7.  Don’t Over Apply the Perfume

If you don’t want your favorite fragrance to become your greatest enemy and also don’t want to overwhelm people with your perfume, then 1-2 sprays are the answer. Apply it on your neck and wrists because a little scent definitely goes a long way.

Don't over-apply perfume

You can also use body mists or scented body spray to get a mild and subtle scent. These are perfume sprays with a lower concentration of perfume composition.

Also, don’t be worried if you accidentally apply too much perfume. You can use any makeup wipes or any other alcohol wipes to easily remove the excess fragrance. Then reapply your perfume in the required amount.

Tip -While spraying your perfume, keep the bottle 5-7 inches away from your skin. It will prevent huge drips of scent from getting on your skin.

8.  Choose the Right Amount of Sprays

If you’re not sure how many sprays of perfume to use, look at the perfume concentration of your scent.

There are different types of fragrances such as Eau de Cologne or Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, and Extrait de Parfum or Perfume.

type of fragrances

If you have any light and pleasant fragrances like Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette, you can easily apply 3-4 sprays.

However, if you have something intense and powerful like Eau de Parfum or Perfume, apply no more than 1-2 sprays. This will last considerably longer and have a more expressive tone.

9. Store Your Perfume Bottle in a Cool, Dark Place

Everyone wants to make the most of their expensive perfume and buying a new bottle of perfume every few months might be costly.

store perfume in cool place

So, to preserve your scent strong and unchanged, store them carefully in a dark, cool area with no sudden temperature fluctuations. Heat and humidity can cause perfume molecules to change, lowering the quality of your perfume.

This is why it’s important to store your perfumes out of the bathroom and out of direct sunlight.

10. Reapply When Necessary

If you need a burst of fragrance in the middle of the day, it only makes perfect sense to reapply the perfume. It is, however, impossible to bring an entire bottle with you every time you leave the house.

reapply perfume

 One of the easy ways that work perfectly is spraying the perfume on a few cotton swabs and carrying it in your bag. 

The moisture gets held in it, and it will come to in rescue whenever you need to touch up your scent. All you have to do is simply dab it on your pulse spots and you’re good to go!

That’s all! With these tricks and tips, you’ll be able to make your favorite perfume stay longer and garner praise even in the afternoon!

Let us know what your favorite scent is and how you make it last longer in the comments section below.

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