11 Different Types of Maxi Dresses You Should Know About

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Do you want to know about the different types of maxi dresses? If so, we’ve compiled a list of the eleven best kinds you should know about.

Maxi dresses come in different styles and looks, and each of them differs with the occasion. So, you need to be conscious about choosing the right maxi dress, designed for specific events like casual meetings, parties, etc.

These dresses also differ by season and how you style them. Summer breakfasts call for flowery looks, while late-night celebrations call for fitting style maxis. In winter, the collection becomes more fluffy and layered to provide warmth.

With such a keen difference, do we really have so many choices with maxi dresses? Well, yes. Keep reading to find out more about them.

11 Different Types of Maxi Dresses You Should Know About

A maxi dress is a great purchase for your closet for a number of reasons. They’re easy and breezy, making them adaptable to every season.

With so many options to choose from, here are eleven types of maxi dresses for women that you wished to know about earlier. 

1. Empire Waist Maxi Dress

There are many different silhouettes that aim to emphasize or flatter different body types. One silhouette meant to slim and lengthen your figure, especially popular in maxi dresses, is the empire waist silhouette.

empire waist maxi dress
Img Src: Hajra

This style of dress cinches above your natural waist. If you have an hourglass shape, this will create a long line of fabric from the “waist” to the hem; this hemline creates a lengthening effect that can make you look taller and slimmer.

The empire waist maxi dresses are designed with lightweight fabrics, making them suitable for warmer weather. Also, they’re simple to put a unique spin on, so it’s no surprise that trendsetting stylists are all over them.

2. Boho Maxi Dress

The bohemian style maxi dress is an excellent choice for those who want to look different from the crowd. These boho type of maxi dresses has a flowing skirt, and it is made of light fabric, like voile.

types of maxi dresses
Img src: Mawadda Tak

The boho garment is ample and flexible, advocating freedom of movement and supreme comfort. It adjusts to your moods and wants, whether in the workplace or at the beach, in the summer or the winter. 

When choosing these types of maxi dresses, you should pay close attention to the color scheme. As pastel colors will make you look more feminine, bright colors make the silhouette more expressive.

All in all boho dress is a striking fashion statement that every woman should have in her closet.

3. Pleated Maxi Dress

A pleated maxi dress is a good way to make your outfit look more fitted and sleek. Many different types of pleats are used to engineer the voluminous gown into a more fitted silhouette.

Pleated Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is made of chiffon and has a pleated hem, an elastic waist, a shirred mock neck, and shirred sleeves for a comfortable fit.

pleated maxi dress

A pleated maxi dress is a great option for any occasion because it’s easy to wear and looks great in almost any situation. This dress will get you lots of compliments and keep you comfortable all day or night, whether you’re hitting the town or throwing a dinner party.

It’s easy to create a variety of looks with this style because it works as well with either flats or heels.

4. Breezy Flowy Maxi Dress

Breezy Flowy maxi dresses are made of light and airy material. They are loose-fitting and flowing, which makes them the perfect transitional piece from summer to winter.

breezy maxi dress
Img Src: salialdigs

You can style them in different ways depending on the season or occasion. When choosing one, it’s best to think about the colors in relation to the place and event you’re going to.

For a day at the beach, a floral breezy maxi dress or one with dripping colors and happy vibes would be a perfect choice.  But if you’re going out and want to look semi-casual, pastel colors are what you should look for.

You can also accessorize these types of maxi dresses with chained handbags, thin belts, and mid-high heels or sandals. If you want to wear this outfit on vacation, you may spice it up with a round hat, preferably in beige, giving your photo travel journals a good feel and touch.

5. Button-Down Maxi Dress

The button-down maxi dress, or shirt dress, is so named because it resembles a shirt in every way save the collar. This classic cut is versatile enough to be worn everywhere from the office to a night out with friends; all you need are the right shoes, and some accessories and you are good to go!

shirt maxi dress
Img Src: Hajra

Button-down maxi dresses for women are the most common, and you can find them suitable for every occasion. However, you can still make a difference in styles with each type of occasion.

If you’re going somewhere fancy, try a statement piece with slits or deep necklines. These are the most flattering for such events, and celebrities often wear them as quick-wear for formal events.

Whereas other casual events such as brunch outings or strolls in the park call for more relaxed attire, so opt for a flowery button-down or striped maxi dress or anything in pastel-like Venetia rose or peach puff to keep it appealing.

6. Wrap Style Maxi Dress

There is nothing more timeless than a wrap-style maxi dress, and yet this particular cut also happens to have the most relaxed and flexible fit.

wrap style maxi dress
Img Src: salialdigs

It has a front closure with a wide overlap, just like a dressing gown. The wrap-style maxi dress works best for those who want to turn heads without being overt about it.

In the case of a wide overlap, a drawstring can be used as a closure. The end result is a V-neckline and a loose-fitting dress that flatters the body. They are great for a variety of settings such as dinners or parties when you want people to notice your stunning outfits.

7. Printed Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for a way to add some interest to your wardrobe, printed maxi dresses are a great choice. They are available in a wide variety of styles and patterns. It can be works of art, floral prints, animal prints, illustrations, etc.

printed maxi dress
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

The best thing about them is they go well with most casual or semi-casual occasions. You can easily dress up a printed maxi dress by tossing a sweater or jacket over it so that it looks like a fun skirt. 

So, if you are going on a fun brunch date with friends and don’t have anything to wear, this is what you need.

8. Tiered Maxi Dress

The tiered maxi dress is a long, flowy dress with many layers that make it look like a waterfall. It’s quite roomy and can be made of thin material to make it incredibly light.

Tiered Maxi Dress

This tiered ruffle maxi dress has a flowy drop waist and loose kimono sleeves. It also has a tiered ruffle hem with a zipper in the back.

tiered maxi dress

Despite being voluminous, tiered maxi dresses are often made from a single piece of cloth that has been sewn together in such a way that the different pieces overlap each other to create the appearance of tiers.

You may style them in a variety of ways depending on your mood, but remember that they have voluminous silhouettes and shouldn’t be paired with bulky accessories unless you’re trying for a highly dramatic look.

9. Denim Maxi Dress

When you’re not in the mood to squeeze into your jeans, slip on a cute denim dress. Just as the name suggests: this type of dress is made of denim.

denim maxi dress
Img Src: Malika Ali

Denim is a timeless fabric that can be styled in countless ways. It comes in so many colors and patterns, so you can find both casual or formal maxi dresses, depending on your personal preferences.

These types of maxi dresses are comfortable, easy to wear, and versatile. They can be found in a variety of cuts, from a simple shift to a more elaborate pinafore with a sash. This laidback cool aesthetic is universally flattering and easy to pull off.

10. Striped Maxi Dress

A stripe maxi dress is a great way to add a bold statement to your outfit. These dresses feature lines of differing widths in color different from the background color.

stripe maxi dress
Img Src: Hajra

The stripes can run vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or mixed in complex patterns. The combination of colors and designs will make you stand out from others when attending special events where you want to look stunning.

You can consider accessorizing your striped maxi dress with complementary pieces. If you want your outfit to make a statement, choose a chic purse in a bright color that matches the stripes on your dress.

11. A-Line Maxi Dress

A-line maxi dresses are quite popular, especially among women who want to appear their best. An A-line dress fits at the waist and gradually flares out towards the hem, which makes the dress look like an “A” shape.

a-line maxi dress
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

This style is also very comfortable and easy to wear; you’ll love how it feels on your body all day long. It’s perfect for a casual setting, and you can dress it up or down with ease.

You can pair it with pointed-toe shoes and finish it off with statement earrings that will make you feel glam. This style works well if you’re pear-shaped because it adds a feminine touch to your lower half.

Wrapping Up: 11 of the Best Types of Maxi Dresses for Every Occasion

That’s all! The rules for styling a maxi dress are quite straightforward. What matters more than the dress itself is the way you carry it. The next time you’re stumped about how to wear a maxi dress, remember that the only style that counts is yours.

With all the keen differences in each of the maxi dresses for women listed above, we hope you now have a great wardrobe collection for any kind of event and mood. 

How do you style your maxi dress, and what types of maxi dresses hold your warm attention? Let us know in the comment section. 

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