9 Tips on How To Wear Wide Leg Pants: Your Guide to the Latest Trend

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Looking for different ways to wear your favorite pants? We’re on your side! In this article, we’ll show you how to wear wide leg pants correctly to turn heads.

Wide-leg pants are not any more boring for the past few years, and they comebacks super strong to match your everyday needs. They are fun and flattering to wear and reminisce you about the 70s and their chic fashion.

These are perfect for every event, whether you want to be casual, formal, or simple. You can even dress them up or down to fit your needs.

But an important question always lingers around the wide-leg pants; how do you wear them to make them more attractive.

9 Tips on How To Wear Wide Leg Pants: Your Guide to the Latest Trend

Though wide-leg pants are not so complicated, it still creates a difference in how you style them with other outfits, carry them along, and accessorize them based on events.

Here are nine tips on how to wear wide leg pants correctly for any occasion.

1. Pair With Cardigans

Cardigans are a great way to add a layer to your outfit. They add depth and texture to your style, which is important because wide-leg pants may seem overly casual without an element of sophistication.

This can be done by wearing a knitted or any printed cardigan that adds a feminine touch to your look, especially if the pants are denim.

how to wear wide leg pants
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

When wearing a printed cardigan with wide-leg pants, it’s best to keep things simple by adding just one other piece, like a solid-colored undershirt or top layer (or both).

For example, if you choose black as your base color, you might want to add grey or white as an accent color so that the patterns don’t take over.

This combo is perfect for both casual meetings and office hours. You can also wear this on the street for a fun day out with friends.

2. Add Layers for a Cozy Look

The best way to style wide legs pants is by adding layers and neutral pieces. It gives you the perfect cozy winter look while keeping you stylish in the front and a little warm inside.

You can try styling this look with different textures and styles, such as the outer layer made of different fabrics like fur, woolen, or knitted, and pair it with denim wide-leg pants to add extra depth and interest.

how to style wide leg pants
Img Src: Mawadda Tak

Since the wide-leg pants already have a lot of volume in the legs, it is best to pair them with the ones that fit well, so you don’t look too big.

When you keep everything beneath the layers simple and neutral, you have the freedom to experiment with the coat’s different patterns and colors. Wearing two trendy items together will surely make you stand out.

3. Style With Slimmer Tops

If you are opting for a more casual look, pair your wide-leg pants with any top that is slimming. The key here is getting the right fit because if you don’t get it right, then you might end up looking unbalanced.

wide leg pants with tops
Img Src: Hajar

For you to make a statement with your top, choose anything from detailed sleeves to unique patterns and colors. You can also complete this outfit with a chic bag and statement heels as well.

To add more style to your look, you can stick to minimalistic accessories or cool black shades. This outfit might sound simple but will give you a classy vibe.

4. Tuck In Correctly

When wearing wide-leg pants or trousers, you should always try to tuck in your top because it’s all about finding the right balance. There are different ways you can tuck in, you can either try the front tuck or half tuck, or maybe side tuck-in, which is probably the easiest way to do it.

shirt tucked in
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

Front tuck-in will help draw attention to your waist and make you look less like you’re drowning in fabric.

This look works best when you pair a turtle neck top tucked in properly so that you get a finished clean look. You can also wear a thin belt to show off the details.

5. Wear With a Matching Shirt

If you want to make sure your wide-leg pants are on point, coordinating them with a matching shirt is usually a good idea.

wide leg pant and shirt
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

There’s really no need for you to worry about what to pair your jeans with. Wearing the same color shirt with your pants would simplify your outfit selection process and will save much time.

Moreover, when all the pieces come together, it turns out to be one comfortable outfit that you can wear while traveling or at the airport. This is an easy way to look all dressed up regardless of the place you are headed out to.

6. Choose the Right Shoes

When you are wearing wide-leg jeans, make sure that you wear the right shoes. Your footwear should be appropriate for the outfit and look that you want to achieve.

styling wide leg pants
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For example, if you are wearing a blazer with a pair of denim pants, it would look best if you chose pumps or wedges. This will help balance out your entire outfit. In this case, you can also wear ballet flats or low-heeled sandals.

However, if your outfit consists of loose tops or shirts over the wide-leg jeans, then lace-up shoes or sneakers would be a preferred choice for this kind of look because they match well with baggy clothing styles.

7. Keep It Basic With a T-Shirt

Wide-leg pants can be worn by anyone, but they are a bit too much for people who are not comfortable wearing them. To keep the look simple, you can opt for a solid oversized t-shirt for an edgy vibe without making it look over-the-top.

wide leg pant and tshirt
Img Src: Hajar

You can easily create a summer-appropriate comfy look for vacation by pairing your wide-leg jeans with different t-shirts like graphic, solid, printed, or striped ones to add some fun elements to your whole look.

If you don’t want this look to be too simple, add a denim jacket or coat over it to give it an edge and make yourself stand out from the crowd. They will add a lot to your outfit and make you look very stylish. 

Style Tip: If you want to wear half-sleeve tees but feel a little self-conscious about your arms, try styling them with arm covers. It will offer you a modest look without anybody noticing them.

8. Go for a White Button-Down Shirt

When wondering how to wear wide-leg pants, it’s almost impossible to leave out a white button-down shirt.

Wearing a white button-down shirt with your favorite pair of wide-leg pants; it’s just something you can throw on and look good no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going.

wide leg pant outfit
Img Src: Imane Asry

The reason why this look works so well is that it dresses up any outfit without being too formal, giving off an effortless vibe that makes people feel comfortable around you.

For example, if you want something more casual but still stylish, then try pairing wide-leg pants with some sneakers and an oversized button-down shirt. You may even wear it to work for a casual Friday or a lunch date with pals.

9. Put On a Blazer for a Classy Look

Wide-leg pants make a comfy look, but there’s no reason why you can’t make it more polished by wearing a blazer. A classic style of clothing like a blazer makes it easy to dress up any outfit. You can make a very comfortable formal outfit with jeans and a blazer. 

wide leg pant and blazer
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

They come in different colors and styles, and you just have to find the right size for you. If you don’t like color, you can always choose neutral colors like black, white, or grey.

For this look: Pair a simple top with your blazer and leave it open or just button it up; it will still look elegant. You can finish off this look with classic black pumps.

That’s all. You have a professional office wear look that is perfect for any formal setting.

Wrapping Up: How to Wear Wide Leg Pants and Make Them Look Chic

There you have it. Now that you know how to wear wide leg pants, having a few pairs in your closet is always a good idea as you can style them in so many different ways.

Wide-leg pants are versatile and can be worn in many different ways, from casual to dressy occasions. The best part is that you probably already have most of these tops and outerwear in your closet.

So what are you waiting for? Try out different looks with this very comfortable and convincing piece of clothing.

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