9 Stunning Ways To Style Hijab With Hoodie Outfits

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Are you looking for different ways to wear your hijab with hoodie? Then, this article discusses nine stunning ways to style hoodie outfits while embracing the hijab.

The temperature is dipping, and winter lovers couldn’t be happier to be able to put on all of their oversized hoodies. Whether you’re going to the gym or class, hoodies are among the most versatile clothing pieces in a modest wardrobe. They may be dressed up or worn down depending on the need of the day.

When it comes to any fashion statement or trends, hijabis do not take a back seat. Hijabi influencers have now been transforming their casual hoodies into stylish outfits by pairing them with basically anything from accessories to leather jackets.

Few Tips To Wear a Hoodie Like a Pro!

  • For a stylish look, you can always go for a well-fitted hoodie. 
  • Experiment with several layering choices, like a leather jacket over your hoodie, which looks absolutely swank.
  • Try layering your favorite classic hoodie with a flannel shirt to add some uniqueness to it, and you’ll like the fresh twist it gets.

9 Stunning Ways To Style Hijab With Hoodie Outfits

The “Hoodie game” has entirely changed over the years, and then once boring hoodies have found new life amid recent fashion trends. This classic clothing piece allows you to style your outfit in a variety of ways.

There are several styles and ideas to try different hijab with hoodie outfits.

1. Street Style Look

Hoodies have become an essential piece of clothing in many of the most popular street-style outfits. Combining leather pants with a black hoodie can give you a classic style. It gives a touch of elegance to a hijabi hoodie outfit.

street style hoodie look
Img Src: Mawadda Tak

If you want to add a pop of element to your look, it’s better to go for a graphic hoodie. You may elevate your street style look by wearing a blue wash denim jacket over it. This combination is definitely worth considering.

You can complete this outfit with stylish black pumps for a classy look. This overall look is a fine example exhibiting that sportswear can be worn with a strong feminine approach!

2. Casual Everyday Look

A casual hoodie outfit is something easier to pull off daily. You don’t have to think about it too hard. For a casual look, you may style it in the simplest way possible, with denim.

casual hoodie style
Img Src: Mawadda Tak

Hoodie and jeans are the perfect casual combo that can be dressed up or down accordingly. You can try mixing it with skinny jeans or leggings to keep your outfit from seeming bulky.

You may further dress it up by wearing it with colored sneakers. Also, while styling your hijab with a hoodie go for a neck wrap hijab style to give your attire a really neat look.

Also for lazier days, when you don’t feel like dressing up, you can pull out this casual everyday hoodie style, and voila your problem is dealt with just like that. This low-maintenance look will be saving you both time and energy.

3. Chic and Sporty Look

Who says you can’t look trendy, feel comfy, and stylish all at the same time? Well, hoodies have excelled in this category as well.  

Hoodies are quite popular in sportswear. Most tracksuits have hoodies as top-wear to protect athletes’ necks and backs from the elements.

Sporty hoodie style
Img Src: Yasmin

Choose sweatpants that have a loose fit and are tapered at the ankles if you want to be comfortable from head to toe. This overall style will provide you with a perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

You might also go for a more sporty style by wearing sneakers or canvas shoes. Just remember when you go for a plain hoodie, choose vibrant sneaker trainers to make your outfit stand out.

4. Layered-Look With a Coat

It is sometimes challenging to look stylish while facing the weather in the winter; usually, all that counts is staying warm. Great outerwear, like a trench coat, and layering pieces, such as hoodies, are the ideal way to strike a balance between the two.

Modest Hijab Hoodie Outfit

For a comfortable fit in this layered outfit, pair a basic hoodie with the same color culotte and a long trench coat over top. This snug hoodie outfit will provide you with modest protection as well as a stunning chic look.

To pair with the coat, consider wearing shoes that are formal or stylish. For instance, you can go for a high-heeled boots alternative. However, avoid wearing sneakers with this outfit as they will detract from the overall look.

5. Feminine Look

Should hoodies always be paired with pants? Absolutely not! 

For a more unexpected and fun look, you may now pair your hoodie with a skirt. They are your go-to if you want to seem incredibly classy and feminine. Skirts wonderfully complement a more boyish garment, such as a hoodie.

Feminine Hijab hoodie look
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

You may even opt for a more polished look by using vibrant colors for skirts. Since this style has you entirely covered up, it’s important to select the right proportions for all of the pieces so that your outfit doesn’t seem too overpowering.

For an incredible laidback look, you can dress up your hijab hoodie outfit by wearing the set with sneakers. You can also don unique hats, such as berets.

6. Modest Look

The best part about the hoodie dress is how effortless it is to wear. The majority of them are designed to be loosely fitted so that they look good on all body types. Hoodie maxi dresses are ideal for those who prefer modest clothing.

Modest Hoodie Outfit
Img Src: Ishal Boutique

If you’re not sure what shoes to wear with a hooded dress, white sneakers are a safe bet. With this eye-catching attire, you may look both minimal and lively.

This hijab hoodie outfit calls for an over-the-shoulder drape hijab style. This overall hijab style will give you a simple yet classy look.

7. Formal Look

Blazers are often associated with the workplace, although they can also be used to elevate your casual attire, such as when worn over a hoodie. It’s an excellent way to give your clothing some structure and polish.

Formal Hoodie Style
Img Src: A S M A M E K N I

They are perfect for women of all ages and body types. You’ll not only be warm, but you’ll also look quite sophisticated, even if all you’re wearing underneath it is a hoodie.

To make your outfit look sort of semi, wear your hoodie with a plaid jacket and a pair of neutral-colored slacks.

Typically, we believe that hoodies are ideal for athletic wear. However, when paired with a blazer like this, this hoodie becomes ideal for a business meet or even lunch with your girlfriends.

8. Cozy Look

With more people working from home than before, all you need is an attire that will make your working and multitasking life more comfortable. Hoodies, without a question, provide unparalleled comfort.

Cozy Hijab Outfit
Img Src: Summer Albarcha

For a cozy look, you can wear your hoodie with a pair of similar sweatpants to make a tracksuit.  This combination is extremely comfy, making it perfect for loungewear fashion.

This is an excellent alternative to pajamas, which you can easily live in during the weekend too. Aside from lounging around the house, this style is also suited for a relaxed day of running errands.

9. Oversized Look

Oversized clothing is popular right now, and you may integrate this look with a hoodie as well. To find the right oversized hoodie, try on something a size or two larger than your regular wear.

For a more oversized look, wear your hoodie with a pair of wide-leg cargo trousers or baggy jeans.

Oversized Hijab  Hoodie Outfit
Img Src: Nursena

To prevent looking completely sloppy, choose a semi-baggy hoodie that doesn’t create excess material around the waist. This will give your outfit a more finished look.

This oversized look will provide you with more breathability and a much more comfortable fit than tight-fitting, clingy clothes. Lastly, to complete this oversized hoodie outfit, you can add classy street style loafers or some sophisticated pair of ankle boots.

That brings us to the end of our list!  These are some hijab with hoodie outfit ideas to help you discover your perfect winter look this season.

Since this hoodie trend isn’t going away anytime soon. So, what are you still waiting for? Choose your favorite look and wear your hijab hoodie outfit effortlessly.

Let us know in the comments what alternative hijab with hoodie outfits you can try.

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